Companies have to evolve more and more deeply and rapidly under the pressure of competition and threats.  This pressure comes from existing competitors but also from potential new entrants in the market, buyers and suppliers that get more power, and potential substitutes for the product or services they are offering.

Remi SEGOIN has been a Business Transformation professional for more than 20 years and proposes an approach to Business Transformation, which is the evolution process that companies have to go through.  This process starts from the business strategy and is an ongoing journey up to the incorporation of the changes required by the Business Transformation into the day-to-day business activities of the company.

The targeted audience of this document is the managers who lead or participate in the business transformation of their company.  This comprises Chief Transformation Officers, Business Transformation Managers, Program Managers, Business Unit Managers, etc.

The major steps to be taken for the Business Transformation journey are highlighted:

Strategy > Corporate Culture Customer Experience > Innovation > Projects > Change Management