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VISA Prepaid Debit Card with NO Monthly Fees & NO Loading Fees

What is the iCareCard?

The iCareCard is a Reloadable Visa debit card, and can be used anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.

How do I load funds on the card?

There are two types of iCareCard Reloadable cards, Self Funded, and 3rd Party Funded.  Self Funded cards are loaded and re-loaded from your current checking account.  You determine the balance you want to load on your card and when the balance falls below your selected re-load point, your card is re-loaded from your checking account.  3rd Party Funded cards are loaded by a 3rd party, such as your employer.

Are my funds insured?

Yes, your card balance is insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC.

Check out these great benefits you get with your iCareCard:
  • Save BIG with merchant rebates - all cards are automatically enrolled in DebitDeals.
  • Save $.03 per gallon of gas anywhere in the U.S.
  • Manage your OWN daily and WEEKLY spending limits - a great budgeting tool!
  • No need to change banks, your account is funded from your current checking acct, or by a 3rd party such as your employer.
  • No reload, transaction, or monthly fees.
  • Set your own text or email card balance notifications.
  • View your transactions online anytime.

  • Earn 5 cents Cash Back Reward when you use your card (on purchases of at least $10).
  • Get cash rebates at over 1,000 online retailers.
  • Get discounts and coupons on travel, entertainment, prescriptions, restaurants, groceries, and more.
  • Earn monthly referral income.
  • No Monthly Fees and No Loading Fees.

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Best of all, each time you use your card you earn donations for yourself and for your favorite charity!

How much money can I keep on my card?

For self funded cards the limit is $5,000.00. For 3rd Party Payer cards the limit is based on the needs of the payer.

Can I use my card for online or telephone payments?

Yes, this is a fully functional Visa card

Do I have to use a PIN number?

Purchases can be made either as a Debit (PIN based) or as a Credit (no PIN required).

What is DebitDeals?

DebitDeals is a program designed to drive more business to local merchants, provide savings (give backs) to our cardholders and provide much needed assistance to charities and non-profits

What is "Amount on Hold"?

This is an estimate of the amount of purchases made recently which have not yet posted to your card balance.

Can I load "one time" additional funds to my card for a special situation?

Yes, you can manually transfer funds to your card by logging in to your card account. In addition, you can move funds from your card back to your checking account as the need arises.

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