Customer Reward/Loyalty Program

Never Before in the History of Restaurant Marketing
has it Been Possible to Spend 3 Bucks or Less
and Generate $100 in Customer Spending...

                                                      Merchants on Repeat Returns are banking
                                                    $100 for every $2.05 invested in the program.

This is the average income vs. program cost for all merchants who've been on Repeat Returns 4 months or longer and have 500+ members in the program.

Built from the ground up as an "all in one" platform for small business owners who want an affordable, turn-key marketing solution that will safely, steadily, and reliably grow their sales.

Developed by a business owner, for business owners.  It's an amazing solution for those who want to literally put their marketing on autopilot.  Automation is the key.  Our program reaches out to a merchant's customers and gives them continual and repeated reasons to return and spend money.  Best of all, it's affordable and automatic.

Customer Loyalty Program