Bad Debt Collections

Debt Recovery

Two account debt
recovery options to
help you get your
money back.

Debt Recovery is designed for a variety of debt situations, such as:
  • Financial institutions with outstanding balances on demand deposit (checking) accounts
  • Subscription service providers that have rendered services on an account and have outstanding balances
  • Credit card balance recovery
  • In-store charge accounts that are delinquent
We offer two account debt recovery options, depending on your level of desired involvement:

  • PreCollect Recovery                 Allows you to send items for account debt recovery without initiating any recovery efforts and receive 100 percent of the principal recovered for the first 30 days.
  • Percentage Recovery               Allows you to send items for account debt recovery after initial recovery effort have failed and receive a percentage of the recovered principal, depending on the age of the account.

How does it work?
  • A certified file is forwarded to us for recovery
  • Customers are contacted through a letter, phone calls and/or email
  • Contact information is verified via skip tracing
  • Account are forwarded to a legal network
  • Reporting is available online 24/7

  • Clients debt that has typically been written off is recovered
  • Utilizes our proven recovery expertise
  • Accounts are forwarded to a legal network
  • Percentage retained by you based upon the age of the account when it is received

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