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Providing The Right Solutions...
    1 . Credit Card Processing 
         Interchange Plus
Merchant Account Pricing, Retail - E-commerce - Seasonal - EMV Terminals

     2 . Customer Reward/Loyalty Program

    3 . Restarunt HighSpeed Online Ordering

    4 . Recurring Billing - ACH

    5 . Free Bad Check Collections

    6 . Bad Debt Collections

    7 . Customer Lead Generation

    8 . Proximity Marketing For Your Business or Service

    9 . Start Your Own Social Media Marketing Company

  10 . Live Stream TV, Movies and Big Events!

   11 . Finally... No More Monthly Cell Phone Bills!

  12 . Employee Health Through CBD OIL

And More...

Helping Thousands
of Business Owners
Increase Sales, Reduce Cost and Minimize Risk

Add Income Streams To Your Business

There is a better way to put the pieces together

Imagine your business as a jigsaw puzzle, having to go out and find each piece to put together to complete the puzzle.  Completing and maintaining the puzzle keeps you away from your main reason for going into business in the first place.

Providing better services to your customers should be your focus, not distracted looking for the right pieces so the systems will work together.  Finding the Right Solutions can be cost-prohibitive, labor-intensive and potentially very time-consuming and burdensome.

You are striving         to deliver the exceptional experiences your customers demand and deserve but you are spending more time trying to find the right services to work together for your needs.  When you can't focus on your customers your productivity can suffer, customers experiences become dismal and the bottom line may take a direct hit as a result.

How would you feel if, rather than dealing with multiple puzzle makers you could have a single place you could find many of the services you need in your every day business needs.

Well, there is.

The solution to your perplexing puzzle and its many different pieces and parts has a unified solution.  You can increase flexibility, reduce complexity, lower cost, inspire customer loyalty and enhance productivity using our unique one stop shop service providers.