Why "The Brook"?



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Our name is inspired by David’s efforts to honor his weary soldiers and to share what the Lord had given to him. It is found in 1 Samuel 30. David and his army returned from battle to find that their enemy had attacked their base and taken their wives and children.  After seeking God’s counsel, and finding strength in the Lord, he and his men set off to find their families.  As they searched, they came upon Brook Besor (or Besor Ravine) and refreshed themselves.  But, when it was time to go on – two hundred men found themselves too weary and fatigued to continue.  They stayed behind.  The remaining army eventually found their enemy and conquered them – taking back their wives and children; they also gathered animals and plunder.  When they came again to the Brook, the men that stayed behind came out to meet them.  The soldiers that went into battle didn’t want to share any of the plunder with the men that stayed at the brook; they only wanted to return the wives and children.  But, David said “No, my brothers, you must not do that with what the LORD has given us. He has protected us and handed over to us the forces that came against us. Who will listen to what you say? The share of the man who stayed with the supplies is to be the same as that of him who went down to the battle. All will share alike.”  David chose to honor the men that stayed behind, giving them back their dignity and not holding back any blessings. 


Our battles are different in the present, but none-the-less there are battles – loss of a career, a home, an addiction, loneliness, weariness, isolation, unworthiness. In some cases these battles have left these modern day “soldiers” broken, living day to day right here in our community.  We’d like to offer these men, women and families the same thing that the Brook Besor offered the weary soldiers during the time of David.  It is our goal to meet regularly with the homeless and the lonely in our community, to give them honor and dignity like David did for his soldiers and most of all … to love them as Jesus does.