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Radio? Sure! Skins

Here is a list of skins that I have made for Radio? Sure!. Feel free to download them.

I designed these skins with the English language and in Windows 7, you may encounter issues with other languages (text crossing areas it shouldn't). Enjoy!

Lucid Pink

This is also my latest skin. Same but in pink.

Lucid Pink Full 550x333

Lucid Pink Collapse 550x65

Download it here.

Lucid Green

This is my latest skin. A clean simple skin in white with soft greens with a hint of Wii.

Lucid Green Full 550x333

Lucid Green Collapse 550x65

Dowload it here.

Midnight Ice

Since I made fire I felt I had to make ice.

Midnight Ice Full 535x370

Midnight Ice Collapse 535x145

Download it here.

Midnight Fire

The title says it all. Time to warm up your desktop.

Midnight Fire Full 535x370

Midnight Fire Collapse 535x145

Download it here.

Oldies Radio

I noticed in Radio Sure's forums an old post requesting an oldies skin. So I made one based on this old GE and the knobs are animated :)

Oldies Radio Full 550x340

Oldies Radio Collapse 410x75

Download it here.

Dark Edge

A dark, clean and simple skin with a large list view. I wanted to emphasize the blue in the equalizer as much as possible with this one.

Dark Edge Full 550x340

Oldies Radio Collapse 420x55

Download it here.


This was my first attempt at a skin. Being a big gamer and an 80's kid I had to make this skin!

NEZ Full 560x410

NEZ Collapse 475x36

Download it here.