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2007 Photos

Royal Hobart Show Broadcast 25/10/07

The jumping castle in which Anthony caused so many casualties..

Fans get excited as the boys broadcast to all their adoring fans...well...two of them at least!

The crew take a well earned break

And another well earned break...apparently?

Anthony on the blower as the crew prepare for...more rest?

Al, Brad and Soy smile and rest

George sleeps, Soy...poses as a fish?

Fellow Edge presenter Lucy smiles and waves for the camera!

And the equipment, exciting!

David Bartlett Interview 12/10/07

More thoughtful answers and laughs

David shares a laugh with Anthony and Angi

Thinking of an answer


David gets prepared for his interview

The in-depth discussion continues

Angi From Austria Joins The Boys 10/08/07

Angi Smiles and poses

 Deep in conversation with Anthony 

Lucy McCrossen Interview 20/07/07

Lucy gets into the swing of things early with the boys!

Lucy getting through to Anthony the only way that is possible...

Lucy poses for the camera!

Bec Ratcliffe Interview 29/06/07

Bec tries to explain herself to the boys, which of course takes a while!

Bec goes crazy for the boys!

Thinking of an in-depth answer...

Anthony and Bec talk about everything thats Brink related!

Ana from Entre Joins The Boys 22/06/07

Ana poses during a break from talking

Adjusting the headphones before talking


Lots of laughter as usual!

Lord Mayor Rob Valentine Interview 15/06/07

Rob reading his statistics to do with the Olympics

Always smiling with that famous hat of his!

Adam Cousens Interview 08/06/07

Adam looks totally rock star with his glasses and big puffy jacket!

Anthony & Adam have a talk about his music and life on the road!

The serious side of the interview as Adam contemplates an answer

The boys continue to talk about the album

Lisa Singh Interview 14/05/07

Lisa has a laugh with the boys as they discuss the latest Olympic developments

Anthony and Lisa continue with the Laughs!

More laughter from Lisa!