What is a reading map? According to Neal Wyatt in her article for Library Journal, "Reading maps are web-based visual journeys through books that chart the myriad associations and themes of a title via other books, pictures, music, links to web sites, and additional material. Reading maps open up the world of the book for the reader by diagramming the internal life of the book, allowing readers to inhabit the text and its outward connections, and enabling readers to follow threads of interest that stem from any particular part of the work." This reading map was created to take you into The Brief History of the Dead, tracing the themes that make it such a fascinating read, and exploring them further.

 "Our Community Reads" Book of 2013

Trapped at a research station in Antarctica while the Earth's population is decimated by a lethal virus, researcher Laura Byrd slowly becomes aware of the extent of the devastation. As she struggles to stay alive, her mind wanders to thoughts of family and friends, lovers, and even casual acquaintances. Meanwhile, those who have been killed by the virus occupy an otherworldly plane called "The City," and their presence there is assured only so long as someone is alive on Earth who can remember them. With time running out for Laura and the people in her past, Brockmeier's haunting tale of apocalypse and the afterlife raises fascinating questions about the power of love and the meaning of legacy.

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