Table of Contents

Ideas for ending the mystery

Saturday, June 6: Introduction

Week One: The Perplexing Problem of the Pernicious Piper
Monday, June 8:  Professor Plum
                                Reminder to Visit GHT
Tuesday, June 9:  Video and Photographs of the Death of Mr. Boddy
Wednesday, June 10:  Wear Purple or Plaid on Thursday
Thursday, June 11:  GHT-related activity
Fri.-Sat. June 12-13: Last Chance to Visit GHT for division points

Week Two: The Case of the Mysterious Message

Monday, June 15:  Yvette the Maid
                                   Reminder to Visit SBN
Tuesday, June 16:  Boddy Breakdown
Wednesday, June 17:  Wear White on Thursday
Thursday, June 18:  SBN-related activity
Fri.-Sat. June 19-20: Last Chance to Visit SBN for division points

Week Three: The Case of the Photo Finish
Monday, June 22:  Mr. Green
                                   Reminder to Visit HFAR
Tuesday, June 23: HFAR-related activity
Wednesday, June 24: Threats to Library Funding
Thursday, June 25: Recipe for Danger
Fri.-Sat. June 26-27: Last Chance to Visit HFAR for division points

Week Four: The Case of the Devious Duplicate
Monday, June 29: Colonel Mustard
                                  Reminder to Visit AV
Tuesday, June 30:  Parade of Posh Pets
Wednesday, July 1: Wear Yellow on Thursday
Thursday, July 2: AV-related activity
Fri.-Sat. July 3-4: Last Chance to Visit AV for division points

Week Five: The Case of the Peculiar Possibility
Monday, July 6: Butler Bierman
                              Reminder to Visit CR&D
Tuesday, July 7: Mysterious Appearance of Miss White
Wednesday, July 8: Visit the Bubble Blog
Thursday, July 9: Evidence from Miss White
Fri.-Sat. July 10-11: Last Chance to Visit CR&D for division points

Week Six: The Case of the Cyber Sleuth
Monday, July 13: Miss Scarlet
                                Reminder to Visit InfoLine
Tuesday, July 14: Strange Behavior in the Stairways
Wednesday, July 15: Wear Red on Thursday
Thursday, July 16: InfoLine Related Activity
Fri.-Sat. July 17-18: Last Chance to Visit InfoLine for division points 

Week Seven: The Case of the Detective in Disguise
Monday, July 20: Miss Peacock
                                Reminder to Visit CFD
Tuesday, July 21: What's Your Dewey Decimal Number?
Wednesday, July 22: Wear Blue on Thursday
Thursday, July 23: CFD-related activity
Fri.-Sat. July 24-25: Last Chance to Visit CFD for division points

Week Eight: The Case of the Engaging Moonlighters
Monday, July 27: Mr. Boddy
Tuesday, July 28: Reminder to Visit Main Circ
Wednesday, July 29: Text Messages Between Yvette and Scarlet
Thursday, July 30: Appreciation for Library Board of Trustees
Fri.-Sat., July 31-Aug. 1: Mystery Resolution