Cheif Wampatuck (1627-1669)

Chief Wampatuck (Wompatuck) (1627-1669), also known as Sachem Wompatuck, Josiah Wompatuck and Josiah Sagamore, was the grand Sagamore of the Massachusetts tribe of Algonquin Indians of Greater Boston and New England. His name means “white deer” in the Algonquin language. He was the son of the Great Massachusetts Sagamore Chickataubut (“house of fire”) and nephew of his successor Sagamore Kitchamakin before succeeding himself as Sagamore about 1660. In 1621, Chickataubut ruled lands from the Merrimack to the north, to the Charles to the west, and to the lands of the Narragansetts on the Rhode Island boundary.

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