Braintree's "Big Gun" Restoration

You probably pass by the cannon almost every day where it has sat prominently in front of the Thayer House for the last 54 years. It is in urgent need of repair. One wheel was completely decayed and had to be removed. The other is failing. If not for the steel support that anchors the cannon to the site, it would simply collapse. As such, the Society is looking for donations for the restoration of the Braintree Gun. 

Historic Cannon at the Thayer house now missing one wheel.

The cannon was cast in Paris in September of 1793 and is an excellent example of the the most advanced artillery of the lifetime of Sylvanus Thayer's era.

After being stored for an unknown time in the Watertown Arsenal in upstate New York it was taken to service academy in West Point, where it graced the lawn there for years. In the early 1960's, West Point gave the gun to the Braintree Historical Society to honor and remember Sylvanus Thayer and place a significant memorial at the birthplace of the Father of West Point.

Sylvanus Thayer 1785-1872 
Founder of Thayer Academy and the Father of West Point

In the mid-1980's, the cannon was given a new carriage  fitting for the cannon and it's era. Over three decades have passed and the elements have taken its toll on its susceptible wooden wheels. A restoration is necessary and is appropriate as this is a highly visible piece of Braintree's history. 

Condition of Remaining Wheel

Top view of cannon

The Braintree Historical Society is currently negotiating with the wheel wrights of Colonial Williamsburg to have new wheels built in time for Braintree's 375th anniversary. They are accepting the challenge and are promising to have the work completed in the Spring of 2015.

The Society appreciate whatever assistance you may be able to provide. Your support is fully tax deductible will be honored and most appreciated. Please support this cause.

Donations may be forwarded to: 

Braintree Gun

Braintree Historical Society

31 Tenney Road

Braintree Massachusetts, 02184 

More Information is available at the Patriot Ledger website.