Growing Up In Baltimore City 1958 to 1966

The short stories on these pages mean a lot to me. They reflect a more innocent time, hopefully in a humorous and heartfelt manner.
The stories tell of an age before video games, DVDs, wide screen televisions, and other electronic devices that conspire to keep young people between four walls.
The boys of Northwood knew that true excitement belonged to the days and nights outside of the front door. The warm summer breezes and the icy winter winds held us equally in their sway.
I sometimes think it was a magical place. A place where time was a traveling companion who would wait with you as you grew up, and not rush you along as it does today.
Join me now as we visit Northwood and the boys who once lived there. The years have graciously parted, just far enough for us to squeeze through. Youth is an impatient time, it won't wait for long.
In 1966, I turned nineteen. In that same year I enlisted in the Army. I didn't know when I left for boot camp on the morning of July 15th, that I would never again set foot in the house where so many adventures began.
These stories are about that house, the neighborhood, the friends, and the culture of those times.


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