>>Dead Sea Scrolls on Display at     the Boston Museum of Science

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls was one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, and now you have the chance to see them for yourself at the Boston Museum of Science.


From now until October 13, 2013 you can visit the exhibit “Dead Sea Scrolls: Life in Ancient Times” at the Boston Museum of Science. Paul Fontaine, vice president of education for the Boston Museum of Science, said that he was thrilled to host the scrolls in Boston. He commented that the artifacts offer visitors just a glimmer of what everyday life might have been like in ancient Israel and that the chance to discover a culture from over 2,000 years ago is a once in a lifetime chance.


The 972 Dead Sea Scrolls contain texts from both the Hebrew Bible and other writings that are not canonical such as the Testament of Levi, the book of Enoch, and the Book of Jubilees, but most of the writings are actually nonreligious—ranging from legal documents to commentary. The scrolls, first found in 1947, have had quite the journey before arriving at the Boston Museum of Science—coming to America first in 1965 and later off and on since 1993. Most recently, they were featured in 2010 at the Minnesota Museum of Science.


In addition to the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Boston Museum of Science is home to other artifacts from ancient Israel. Among them include a three ton stone from the second temple in the Jerusalem; articles of daily worship such as incense altars, rattles, and fertility symbols; and a slab of marble with a menorah engraved that has been dated back to the destruction of the second temple.


This fascinating exhibit won’t be around forever, so make sure to bring your friend, family, and yourself to the Boston Museum of Science to see the Dead Sea Scrolls of Ancient Israel before it’s too late!


Dead Sea Scrolls: Life in Ancient times can be found in the Nichols gallery of the Boston Museum of Science.