School Construction Fund

Dear Boscovet supporter

The words that accompany the Boscovet logo above are more than a catchy tagline.  They truly express what we are doing in a few small villages in western Kenya.  The people there came together in 2008 to help and support each other through a shared strong faith in Christ, shared ideas, and shared labor on their small parcels of land.  They called themselves the Bosongo Community and Veterinary Agri-Project.  In seven short years they have gone from a small community self-help group to a nationally recognized NGO.  The membership has grown from 25 members to over 200 members and is continuing to grow rapidly as word spreads about the successes they are achieving.  Even more importantly, their confidence has grown as they realize that they are now empowered to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty.  Rose, who with a small low interest micro-finance loan, was able to buy 25 chickens and now is able to feed her grandchildren a nutritious diet, Evans attended a week long organic agriculture training seminar and now furnishes his neighbors with the excess vegetables from his garden – at no cost. Judith received a goat from the Boscovet Project and now is able to provide fresh wholesome milk for her family and then gave the female kid that was later born to another Boscovet family so that they too would soon have fresh milk to drink.   James (in photo) is a young boy whose mother is very sick and cannot work to feed her family let alone pay his school fees to the local public school. He can now go to school at the Boscovet Hope Academy because of a scholarship provided by the Boscovet Project.   There are dozens of similar success stories. 

Recognizing that lack of access to affordable early childhood education was a major stumbling block to the next generation’s ability to escape the cycle of poverty, in 2012 we started discussing the possibility of building a school and staffing it with teachers who cared.  The Academy was founded in 2013 on land purchased from a local villager who was very proud to provide the site for the new school.   The six room building which also serves as a place of worship on Sundays was built with donations from generous supporters.  It opened in September 2013 with sixty students and now has over 160 girls and boys ages 3 to 9 attending school there. Part of our mission is to make sure these children receive a healthy lunch with milk every day. The meal is cooked and served by our onsite cooks. Plus the children receive a mid morning snack.

In order to provide for the growing educational needs of these families, we are starting a capital fund raising campaign for Phase II of the Academy.  The plan is to add another six classrooms to accommodate the new, additional students as well as the older students moving up to Standard 4 through 8. I’m asking you to help make a difference in these children’s lives by supporting this dream with your prayers and your financial support. We have already been pledged $10,000 towards making this dream a reality. Please help make a difference by sending your tax deductible donation to the Boscovet Project at 5720 Jensen Rd  Stanwood, WA  98292.  You can also contribute online on our website

For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.    Jeremiah 29:11

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this request.  

Dan Haskins, DVM