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A dream was born in 2011 to buy a small plot of land in the Kisii, Kenya region and build a school for children from the poverty stricken families in the Masongo and Menyinkwa villages.  The goal was to provide educational opportunities for children ages 4-10 from families that could not afford the school fees and uniforms of the public school system,   Many of these children simply remained at home and played in the dirt or helped with the cooking and the feeding of the animals or other chores.  In addition to their basic school studies, the children learn about God and Jesus from our Christian instructors. 

So in 2012, a small parcel of land was purchased and construction of a six room brick school house was begun.  All of this was financed through donations.  In September 2013 the first classes were held with 50 students attending.  In addition to receiving instruction from 3 teachers, the children receive a mid morning snack of bread and tea with milk.  ** UPDATE **  In February 2015, the enrollment was up to 130 children

Our goal is to enroll additional students from nearby families.  Bosocvet Project leaders have visited some of the homes to encourage the mothers to send their children to the Boscovet Hope Academy.  Many cannot afford even the 500 shillings (approximately (approximately $5) to pay for part of the monthly costs and therefore their children are provided scholarships.  This requires financial support from charitable donations.

So we are asking if you would like to sponsor a child (or two?) for only $20 per month.  This will provide a more nutritious mid day meal, school supplies like pencils and paper, a nice uniform (made by local villagers), and teacher's salaries.  Wouldn't you like to make the difference in the life of a child?  Please consider sponsoring one of the 45 children that are either orphans or children from single parent families.  As the Boscovet Project's motto is ...." Empowering those who live in poverty to live with hope", our goal is to provide a small ray of hope that the cycle of poverty can be broken through education. .   God and education are the key to life is a popular saying in these villages.  For more information see other pages in this site or write to Dr. Daniel Haskins, president of the Project at BoscovetProject@gmail.com

Sponsors Needed!

posted May 14, 2015, 8:01 PM by Daniel Haskins   [ updated Oct 27, 2018, 8:50 AM ]

We currently have sponsors for 45 children!!  

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