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Name Origins

Name Origins for Shields, Finch, Dorrell and Rusher

Northern English and Scottish: habitational name from a pair of places in Northumerland and County Durham (now both in Tyne and Wear) called Norht and South Shields, named with Middle English schele "shed", "hut", "shelter". There has been much confusion between Shields and Shield and their variants.

Top Places of Origin for Shields

 Place of OriginNumbers of Shields Immigrants 
Ireland  489
 England 250
Scotland  146
Great Britain  117
Germany  11
Russia  5
Information gathered from US Immigration Collection

Dorrell Name Origin

The name Dorrell arrived in England after the Normal Conquest of 1066. They were originally from Airel, in La Manche, Normandy, France and it is from the local form of this name, D'Ariel, meaning "from Airel," that their name derives.
Spelling variations include: Darrell, Dorell, Dayrell, Darrel, Darell, Darel and others.

Finch Name Origin

English: nickname for Middle English finch 'finch' (Old English finc). In the Middle Ages this bird had a reputation for stupidity. It may perhaps also in part represent a metonymic occupational name for someone who caught finches and sold them as songsters or from the cooking pot. The surname is found in all parts of Britain but is most common in Lancashire.

Nathaniel Martin Henry
b. 5-3-1840, Wayne Co, AR married: 9-1-1859 to Sarah L Martin
d. 10-26-1912
Sarah L Martin (not sure what the L stood for)
b. 2-19-1841 d. 11-7-1913 in Searcy Co, AR
All of these dates can be found on under family tree listed "Jonathan Martin" Please look there if you can for everyone else's dates, etc. If you have trouble just let me know and I will be glad to send them to you. Im just not sure what you have or do not have so I don't want to repeat too much as it can go on and on and on.
Sarah California Martin Henry
b. 11-23-1875 Shiloh AR d 6-10-1957, Indep. MO
Joseph Hambrough Finch Jr.
b. 10-4-1874 Peoria, IL married: 11-11-1897 to Sarah C Henry Kansas City,MO d. 3-7-1946
Francis Martin Finch
b. 7-17-1917, Leeds, MO married: 2-17-1945, England to Marie Elizabeth Simmonds still living
Marie Elizabeth Simmonds
b. 10-10-1927, Paddington England
still living Children:
Robert (NMI) Finch (No Middle Initial/Name)
Spouse: Marsha Children: Robert Finch Jr, Joshua Finch
Linda Kay Finch
Spouse: Daniel Hertzog/divorced
Children: Lisa Danielle (Hertzog) Bales
b. 1-3-1970 Spouse: Vuren Bales
Jeffrey Daniel Hertzog
b. 7-2-1973 Spouse: JoLinda (Cooper) Hertzog Children: Jessica and Jordyn
Jennifer Marie Hertzog
Children: Autumn Danielle Beck b. 9-24-1998
Paul (NMI) Finch ( my father)
b. 8-1-1947, Indep. Missouri
Spouse 1: Hazel Alice (Hemphill) Finch:divorced in 1980
Children: Marie Elizabeth Finch
b. 9-20-1970, Independence, Missouri
Spouse: Kenneth L Gausman
Children: Heidi Leigh Gausman and Ty Wilkinson Gausman Brian Matthew Finch
b. 12-21-1972, Indep. MO
Spouse: Heather M (Timms) Finch
Children: Braeden Matthew Finch and Austyn Miles Finch

Rusher Name Origin

Rusher name is of German origin. Spelling variation include: Rausch, Rauscher, Rausche, Rauschert, Rusch, Rusche, Ruschle, Ruscher, Raush, and more.

Frist found in Austria, where this family name became a prominent contributor to the development of the district from ancient times.