Family Military History

Past and Current Family who have Served The
United States Military

Borlin Family Military History

  • Baker Pegram - Fifth Great-Grandson of current generation

Eising Family Military History

  • John Norb Eising
    John Eising
    Norbert (John) Eising

John Eising

  • Wes Hograber
    Wesley "Wes" Hochgraber
    - Great Uncle of current generation
    • World War II, Air Force, Corporal 
    • Bomb sight specialist (set the targets)
    • 3 years 3 months 3 days served
    • Got Malaria and Yellow Jaundice - 90 lbs is what he weighed. A nurse saved his life by insisting he drink water when he had Yellow Jaundice
    • While stationed in the Philippines, their responsibilities was to take decommissioned / damaged aircraft and bury them.  Later in life, Wes had wanted to go back and sell them for scrap.
    • He was stationed in Manila, Philippines, New Guinea and Texas
      • Story: Wes and a buddy befriended a family in New Guinea who lived in a house on stilts. Their last night there they were invited for a chicken dinner. Chicken would be unusual. They heard someone climbing the ladder. By the light of the candle on the table they saw the glint of a  knife. The guy yelled "I'll get you Joe" (Americans were Joe).  Wes and his friend threw him down the ladder

  • Earl Eising
    Earl Francis Eising
    - Great, Great  Unle 
    • Army Medical Core
    • Obtained the rank of Sargent first class
    • Fought in WWII, stationed in Central China (almost 3 years)
    • Purple Heart
    • Good Conduct Metal

  • John N. Eising Jr. 

  • John Eising
    John Eising 
    (Photo on right)

  • Scott Kennedy - 2nd Cousin
    • Navy
    • Fought in Dessert Storm

Roehl Family Military History

  • William Roehl
    William Roehl
    William Roehl -
     of current generation
    • World War I, Army, Sergeant
    • Illinois Quartermaster Corps
    • Stationed in Ft. Dodge, Iowa

  • Rich Roehl
    Shirley Temple
    Richard Roehl
    - Great Great Uncle
    • World War II - Navy
    • Stationed on USS Chevalier (DD/DDR-805) - Gearing-class destroyer of the United States Navy
    • As a 8 year old child, Rich met and took photo with Shirley Temple 

Rich Roehl

Van Meter Family Military History

  • Roy Van Meter
    Roy Van Meter -
     Grandfather of current generation
    • US Army
    • Honorable discharge as private

  • Forest Van Meter - Great-Great-Uncle of current generation
    • Served during World War II

Shields Family Military History

  • Todd Dorrell Shields - 2nd cousin, younger brother of Jeff, first cousin of your Mom and nephew to your Grandmother Judi.

  • Robin Shields
    Robin Shields -
     cousin, honorable discharge as US Army
    • Wife of Alexander Scott Coulter (KIA 2013)
    • E-4 Rank (Specialist - SPC) 
    • Service:  Late 1980s to early 1990s
    • Participated in Desert Storm
    • Honorably Discharged

  • Wally Shields
    Wally Shields
    Wallace Shields -
     US Marines, Korean War
    • Called up in 1945 and went to training at Camp Pendleton, CA.  
    • Scheduled to board some ship and head out across the Pacific, but the atomic bombs were dropped and the war ended so he did not ship out
    • Stationed in Nebraska for a short time before separating from armed services
    • Prior to being called up to service, both Wally and his wife got jobs at the Douglas Aircraft and moved to a small house in Santa Monica sometime in late 1944.  Aunt Judi remembers living there so she must have been around 3 or 4 years old.  So Granny was a "rivet girl!"

  • Robert Shields - US Army

  • Hadie Shields - Great Great Grandfather, U.S. Army

  • Hank Dorrell - US Navy

Pearl Harbor

  • Francis Martin Fitch
    Francis Martin Finch
    Francis (Frank) Martin Finch -
    • great-great-great uncle, US Army Air Corps
    • Served during World War II

  • William Shields - Great grandfather x 6, was born in 1774 in Western Virginia
    • William Shields was the son of the John Shields who died on the ocean voyage to America
    • He was born in County Armagh on July 14, 1728.  Died in 1797 at age 69
    • Revolutionary War Service
      By the outbreak of the American Revolution, William's older sons had reached adulthood, and several (John and James to our certain knowledge, and possible one or more others) served with him in the Frederick County Military Company which he organized and commanded as a Captain. 
    • His later Revolutionary career included service with the Continental Army as a Major in a regiment organized by a member of the prominent Maryland Goldsborough family. 
    • Major Shields is believed to have participated in several important early engagements of the Revolutionary War, most notably the Battle of Brooklyn Heights, Long Island on August 27, 1776 and the Battle of White Plains, New York on October 28, 1776. 
    • During these confrontations, his company served in the Continental Line under direct command of General George Washington during the period of his majority in the later stages of the war.