Pie Die Song

Pie Die in the Sky

Pie Die in the Sky
You can have it on wheat or make it on rye
No matter what you like, it will turn out alright
Cause it's your...
Pie Die in the Sky

When your hungry there's only one thing to do
It doesn't matter if you're a gentile or a Jew
There is only one question that I must ask to you
The question is: "Can I get a 'Oooooo - Oooooo'?

We're relaxing now, it's been a real long day
Everyone is drinking and no one's getting laid
I swear to god, Jerm and Dave are not gay
Greg and Amy never have to pay


A shot of Mescal, and boy do I feel warm
I'm sure one more wouldn't do me any harm
Jerm's done twelve, no cause for alarm
Why is Jon screaming, "Where's my left arm?"

We all drink now while Jerm plays and sings
Covered in after-sun with little sparkly things
Enjoying Mother Nature and all that she brings
Like killer raccoons with scary looking rings


Pie Die's almost done and the fire is getting low
There's one last thing that you need to know
Scoop has a disgusting Siamese toe
They're as close as these two horses, named Moe and Joe