Why do I collect Star Wars Toys?

Star WarsWhy would anyone collect anything?  There has to be connection between a person and the items they are collect.  For those in the world of Star Wars there are different reasons to collect.  Some people collect based on character, some collect a certain type of item and still there are others that collect because family and friends give them items so often a collection forms.  For me, my collection began in 1977 when Star Wars began. 

So why collect Star Wars? Many people can argue that to collect Star Wars means that you are potentially buying an item that will undoubtedly go up in price over the years.   Most Star Wars collectors are the toy collectors that focus much of their energy on action figures. The action figures were the first real merchandise made for Star Wars and that is where my primary focus is.  

As a 7 year old when the first Star Wars movie came out, I was hooked.  My parents bought figures, ships and costumes.  All of which were played with as any boy my age did.  Over the years a small collection of figures grew till the mid 80s with Return of the Jedi.  It wasn't until the early 1990s did my true collecting instincts kick in.  My first job was working at a K&K Toy store in Chesterfield Mall...what a great job that was.  It was also at this time Hasbro decided to re-launch the Star Wars figure collection.  So, as the cases of figures came in to the store, I had the opportunity to hand picked the ones I needed to fill my collection.  I did this for many years and into college.  Its wasn't until 2002 when my son was born did I stop collecting figures.  But at that time, I had a very large collection of figures all mint in package and stored in a cool dry place.  

My connection between the Star Wars saga and my soul is something that I can't truly explain or logically put into words.  It just exists.