The Boone Family

Keith, Angela, & Kade

Hello friends and family, welcome to our page!! 

   This is our web page dedicated to you, to read and view milestones and memories as our family grows!!


Kade Ashton Boone DOB 4/22/2008  7lbs 20" He is PERFECT!!!!!!! 


The top entries are the most recent and bottom begins our new journey.  Please save our page to your favorites because we will be adding new posting and pictures frequently! 



Kade gets into everything...everything!

Kade & Daddy after a turkey hunt


Kade 11 months

Kade 10 months old

Kade 9 months


Kade at Fort Worth Stockshow (Kade 9months old)






Annual 5K Turkey Trot (Kade rode in stroller with Honey & Mimi)

Angela & Keith ran it

Uncle Richard home from South America.....he brought Kade & Channing souvenir t-shirts

 Kade hanging out in a flower pot....

Pumpkin Patch:  Kade (6months) with cousin Channing (9months)



Kade 6 months old


Kade went to his first Delta State football game

Kade & Angela with DSU softball alumni- Casey B, Meggan, Kylee (9wks old), & Coach Kuhn

Angela & Kade with Coach Kuhn's family, Taylor (8th grade!) Sharon, & Cheyenne (7th grade)


Angela & Kade (4months).....Laura & Channing (7months)

Kade 4 months

He weighed in at 16.8lbs, 75% for weight and height, and 95% for head! 

We went to Kade's buddy's Beau's 1st birthday party

(it was Kade's first time in swimming pool, he wasnt too sure what to think)

Kade 3 Months old


We went to Texas for Angela's 10 yr High school reunion...

the morning was a family picnic. 



 Kade's First 4th of July

Laura, Brent, & Channing came to TN to visit us!

We took a day trip to Chattanooga to Rock City at Lookout Mountain


Our first trip to Keith's home in Brandon, MS for Kade to meet everyone!

4 generations... Keith's Gandaddy, Kade, Keith, & Keith's Dad

Uncle Monty (Keith's older brother)

uncle alton (keith's younger brother) and aunt Katie

Grammy & her friend Debby and thier new grandbabies: Tyler & Kade (3wks apart)

HAPPY BABY KADE!!! Kade is smiling so much now!! Its super fun!! 


Happy Fathers Day!!  We all went to the park today to celebrate Keith's first Fathers Day


7 week apt... Kade weighted in a 13.5lbs....23 1/4'

He is the 95% for weight and 75% for height & his head


Kades trip to Texas

first time to meet all of angela's family

Honey, Mimi (angela's grandmother), Kade and Angela

Grandma (Angela's grandmother)

 First time for us to meet Channing (Laura & Brent's baby girl)

Kade and Aunt Laura (Angela's sister)

Uncle Richard  (Angela's brother)

Kade with Cousin Channing & Cousin Lanie

Keith, Kade and cousin Landon


Channing and Kade already best friends!!




4 weeks old!!!


Kade CHILLIN' with Daddy, watching sports



Grammy (Keith's mom) came to babysit Kade........This was the first time for both of us to leave Kade, our friends Amy & Kent got Grammy came to stay with Kade so that we could go to the wedding. 



"Pops" (angela's dad) came to visit Kade 


 Bath time


2 Weeks Old

PICTURE DAY!!! Today we had Kade's newborn pictures taken. 

There were many different "shots" and "backdrops" that the photographer used.  The ones below are close ups of his feet, nose, ear, hands, and sweet face.  We are excited to see the cool collage that these pics will create!

Angela & Kade next to our GIANT knock-out roses. 

Nap time!!!

The Willis Family came to visit us!!   They are some of our best friends...Angela played softball with Tara and Keith and Chris were roommates in college.   We are so excited for Beau and Kade to grow up to be best buds!! 



FIRST Doctor Appointment

Kade had his newborn apt today... 8 days old and he has grown 1" and 10 oz!!

The doctor had so many nice things to say about Kade- like....what a good eater he is, how strong his neck is,  and what good parents he has!! :-) 



Think Kade looks like his Mommy?? 

Look at Angela's newborn picture (the picture below on left with the bow in her hair!) next to Kade's picture

  Kade's coming home party!! 

His going home outfit was too big for this little guy now, but we will save it for the next few weeks.

  KADE ASHTON BOONE April 22, 2008  7lbs, 20"

First family photo!!!


Proud Moma & Papa!   


"Honey" & "Grammy" were there for the arrival of Kade!


April 21- Keith turned 30 years old!!  the day before Kade's arrival......

what a birthday present! 





BEDREST...... At week 29 of pregnancy, Angela got put on bedrest.  The doctor says that Kade will be perfect, but she has to rest until its time for Kade to arrive! Keith has been super busy around the house!! 



We worked hard on Kade's nursery.  Keith painted and Angela, with the help of Mimi,  painted custom canvas just for Kade.  We already know that Kade will want to be just like his she painted football, baseball, racing and golf pictures!

Above Kade's crib it says... "Let him sleep, for when he awakes, he will... Move Mountains!"




ITS A BOY!!! We will name him Kade Ashton Boone. 

He is due April 27, 2008