The Grave Digger's Handbook

The Grave Digger's Handbook is the first book that Liesel steals.  She comes across it after the burial of her brother Werner on the way to Molching, to live with Hans and Rosa Hubermann.  Liesel and Werner's fictional story mirrors those of  millions of children displaced during the Holocaust.  The Remember Me Project, run by The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, is attempting to identify these children and record their experiences during and after the war.

Werner's death is just one of the millions that occurred in Nazi Germany during this time period.  The National Archives maintains the website Stories from the Holocaust, which tells the stories of hundreds of individuals, some who perished and some who survived.

Many of the deaths during World War II happened in concentration camps throughout Europe.  The Jewish Virtual Library maintains a directory of major concentration camps, and each camp's page can have statistics, maps, photos and history.

JewishGen's Holocaust Database contains over 2.4 million records about victims and survivors of the Holocaust.

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