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Children During the War

Liesel grew up in fear, yet managed to live life as a child.  Imagine yourself as a child in a war-torn country with a loving family sheltering a Jewish man while in constant fear of the Nazis finding out and the Allies bombing your city.  Now, take a breath.  It is a lot to think about.  Liesel is a fictional character, yet this was the reality of countless children in Europe during World War II.  The links to the right provide some insight into what children experienced during the war.
While Liesel feared the Ally bombs, others in Europe feared the German bombs.  The following is a compilation video of still photographs and video of children evacuating London ahead of horrible bombing:

Children Evacuating London

The Children of World War II: Digital History provides an excellent compilation of materials relating to children during the war.  Both general and specific circumstances are probed, a virtual timeline is provided, and teacher resources help teachers plan lessons.
A Video Lesson: provide a video lesson of what life was like for children during WWII.  Striking images allow the viewer to feel the horrible reality of living in war-torn Germany.  Additional links from the Youtube page allow the viewer to further explore the topic.
Suggested Readings: World War II For Kids by Richard Panchyk (Chicago Review Press, 2002).  School Library Journal writes that this book is a good reference for World War II, containing 21 activities for children.  A lot of the focus is on America's role in the war, but Europe is given special attention.