TARASHIS GANGOPADHYAY, the great saint author of India

               TARASHIS GANGOPADHYAY is a great saint author of the 21st century. He is a terrific writer and almost all of his writings have a special lyrical feel to them, which comes straight from his heart. It takes a certain kind of writing to reach people on a spiritual level and he possesses that. His writings lift people up, give them strength and strengthen their beliefs. In a lucid unadorned prose, Tarashis Gangopadhyay delivers the essence of great spiritual teachings of the ages. At the same time you will find practical spirituality in all his writings that are not encumbered by credo and rituals. You will find the mirror to see your holy self in his writings. This talented author has brought a rare and welcome blend of humanity, dimension and excitement to the genre. 
As a frequent traveler, he has undertaken pilgrimages to various resonant sites in India and places of spiritual significance. He loves to share his experiences and knowledge to facilitate spiritual enlightenment in others. Each and every creation of this spiritual author is powerfully written and deserves a standing ovation. Potent insight, profound information, spirited practices .... all wrapped up in sumptuous prose make his work a gift that will keep on giving. Perfection is a rare accomplishment, particularly in the area of writing; and the perfection of his work makes it essential reading for anyone who genuinely cares to know about the spiritual treasures of India. His intimate grasp of history, and his ability to interweave several supporting narratives into a cohesive and digestible whole will appeal to a broad range of historical and spiritual fans. HE IS DEFINITELY AMONG THE FIRST RANK OF WRITERS ON THE PLANET AT THIS TIME.

In 1996 he made his debut in the literary field with his great classic "MAHASINDHUR OPAR THEKE ", (a unique account of a KRIYA YOGI's mystic experiences in the LIFE BEYOND DEATH by the help of his gurudeb). This is indeed a wonderful book on after-death-communication.

In 2000, he stormed the Bengali travellogue literature with the 3 volumes of his mind blowing creation "DEBOLOKER AMRITASANDHANE". This is a detailed literary account of a pilgrim's mystic experiences in the HIMALAYAS, specially, YAMUNOTRI, GANGOTRI, GOMUKH, BASUKI TAAL, KALINDI KHAL, PANCHA BADRI, PANCHA PRAYAG, PANCHA KEDAR and all other obscure TIRTHAS of Garhwal HIMALAYAS where MIRACLES still happen.This gem of spiritual literature is based on the practical experience of the author who witnessed this HIMALAYAN MIRACLES face to face. In this book, he has also given the minute description of the NATURE as well as the historical, geographical & mythical background of all the TIRTHAs there.

In 2006, his next superhit creation was published "OTINDRIYA JAGATER AAHBAN". This is an incredible account of the mystical experiences of the author and his relatives with the spirits of the WORLD OF DEATH. In the seance & planchet these spirits revealed to the author about their experiences during & after death.

These best sellers were followed by another great classic of TARASHIS GANGOPADHYAY tradition -              "BRINDABANE AAJO GHOTE AGHATAN" in 2007. Like the earliar ones, this classic was also based on the practical experiences of the author. It shows how an atheist acquaintance of the author was transformed into a SIDHHA SADHIKA "GOPALER MA" by the miraculous acts of LORD GOPALA in BRINDABAN. Even she had witnessed the MAHA RASH of SRI RADHA & KRISHNA in the Nidhuban, a sacred TIRTHA of BRINDABAN by the grace of LORDGOPALA.

In 2008 he rocked the spiritual world with another hit "GYANGANJER AMRITOLOKE".This book is about the mystic experience of a mahayogi of Gyanganjo,the eternal sacred land of the saints of the Himalayas.This mahayogi after attaining the mahasidhhi was escorted by his Gurudeb to that heavenly secret and sacred site of the saints who still control the religious world from there with their eternal powers.This book unveils the mystery of the world of the secret yogis who control the world from ths dawn of the civilization.

"KASHIDHAMEY AAJO GHOTEY AGHATAN" is another masterpiece of this god-gifted author, Sri Tarashis Gangopadhyay published in 2009. This book has portrayed the miracles which still happen in Kashidham,the detailed history of Kashi,the historical as well as mythological backgrounds of Kashi,the divine miracles experienced here by different Mahatmas as well as the divine experience of a great grihabodhut Sanatanbhai who from the life of a billionaire chartered accountant has completely transformed himself into a sage and by taking AKASHBRITTI attained the MAHASIDHHI and MAHANIRBAN by the grace of his Guru Brahmanandaji.The author has portrayed his divine mystic experiences in the most lucid way in this book. To know the spiritual self of Kashi and the miracles experienced here u must have a glance of this book.

"KHONIK KHONJE CHIRONTON" is another classic written by this talented author Sri Tarashis Gangopadhyay. The first volume of this trilogy (published in 2010) is based on the author's tour to Madhyaypradesh. This is really a classic travellogue on the notable religious sites and tourist spots of M.P., like Khajuraho, Bhopal, Sanchi, Bhojeswar, Bhimvetka, Indore, Mandu, Omkareswar, Ujjaini, Panchmarhi and Amarkantak. This travellogue has a romantic touch in the form of Swarnali,the heroine who is surely the romance personified.But the main theme of the book is the saint Rudranandaji who has declared his death day 2 months prior and then set on to travel all the religious sites of India where he practiced severe Sadhna earliar in his life.This book gives all the historical,spiritual & geographical details of the sites of M.P where the author travelled with Rudranandaji.

"SHYAMER MOHON BANSHI" is the 10th book of the talented author SRI TARASHIS GANGOPADHYAY. This book is all about the author's own mystic experiences with the divine idol of Gopalsona, the celebrated deity of his Ashrama, who has been guiding him in times of sorrow and troubles since his childhood days. "Shyamer Mohon Banshi" simply confirms that miracles still happen and it gives us the wonderful idea that life is simply a course in understanding the spiritual laws that can make us happy. This book has been published in August 2010.

The most awaited 4th volume of "DEBOLOKER AMRITASANDHANE" has been published in 2011. This volume of the book is based on his experiences gathered in Nepal with a siddha saint Nagaji, whom he met while travelling in the Garhwal Himalayas. Packed with tidbits of history, folklore and fascinating information about most of the holy sites of KATHMANDU, LUMBINI, KAGBENI, MUKTINATH, PASHUPATINATH TEMPLE, GUJHYESWARI SATIPITH, DAKSHINAKALI, BODHINATH STUPA, SWAYAMVU STUPA and a lot more, this book is a must read for anyone seeking meaningful experiences beyond the usual tourist locations. There is something new to discover in every chapter. It is as if a picture is being painted right before you as you journey through each chapter. And one more thing which is worth to mention that this book has a terrific ending....a completely new type that can only be portrayed by a genius like our beloved

The 2nd volume of "KHONIK KHONJE CHIRONTON" has also been published in 2011. This volume of the trilogy highlights the religious sites of Nasik, Shirdi, Dwarka and Pravash and the spiritual experiences that the author had with saint Rudranandaji while travelling in the remote locales of Gujarat.

Then was published another brilliant book "AAJO LEELA KOREN SAI". It is a penetrating and inspiring real-life account of mystical experiences, miraculous healing, divine interventions and personal transformation of an ordinary boy to a siddha saint by the divine power of Saibaba of Shirdi. While waiting for the Mangalarati at Sai Samadhi mandir, the author and his companion were discussing about the Leela of Saibaba in his mortal body and also in his immaterial self. At that pitch-dark hour of late night, a mystic Sai-saint appeared mysteriously over there and told the author about this real life experience on Saibaba.

In 2012,his first English book "FROM THE WORLD BEYOND DEATH" has been published. This book is the English version of the classic MAHASINDHUR OPAR THEKE by the spiritual author Tarashis Gangopadhyay.This book has been brilliantly translated by Saswati Das. The price of the book is Rs.100/in India and U.S.$10.00 in abroad. Few things in life are guaranteed, of which one is a sure guarantee: sooner or later death will touch everyone's life. Fear of death is the most basic fear of human journey. The only way to overcome that fear is through knowledge of our eternal beings and the connection of our eternal souls with a higher spirit, which is the Supreme Being. "From The World Beyond Death" is about the vast world that lies on the other side of the veil that Nisheeth, a kriyayogi experienced during his out-of-body experience (OBE) to the higher spiritual world. His fascinating and detailed description of the concepts about the different nonphysical dimensions of consciousness, interactions with highly advanced souls, how the afterlife differs from earthly life, whom we usually meet over there is really amazing. This book addresses the purpose of our lives, and our eternal soul's important questions like: Who are we? What is life? What is death? What is reality? What happens when we die?', Where do we go when we die?..... and many more. If you are interested in gathering wisdom and knowledge from higher intelligences, this book will certainly do a great job for you. Turn the pages and travel to higher dimensions and visit new vistas. We arrive in this world with no instructional guidance, but surely we can prepare for our entrance into the afterlife and make our future world a better place to live in by going through the treasures of this book and prepare ourselves for eternity.

The 3rd part of the book of 
"KHONIK KHONJE CHIRONTON" i.e Dakshin Bharat Parbo has been also published in 2012.It covers the glorious spiritual end of the great life of Rudranandaji,as he has predicted earliar in Kanyakumari.This volume also includes all the spiritual and religious sites of South India where the author has visited and this book also includes author's visit to Puttaputti and his meeting with Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba.This book also has the life story of Saibaba in Bengali,probably for the 1st time.This book includes many more fantastic experiences of Rudranandaji and his meeting with Netaji in Chennai.This book includes Rudranandaji and author's visit to Chennai, Tirupathi,Pondicherry,Aurovil,Kanchi,Pakshiteertha,Mahabalipuram,Puttaputty,Ranganath,Gurubayur,Sabarimala,Kanyakumari,Suchindram,Padmanava,Madurai,Rameswar and many more spiritual sites.

"JANMANTOR" is the brilliant classic of Tarashis Gangopadhyay published just before Durga Puja 2012. This book is a first-hand narrative of a Brahmachari travelling back to his previous incarnations through the path of Agyachakra {third eye situated in the middle of eyebrows} with the help of an eminent saint Swami Vidyananda. This book is about the past life regression of a Brahmachari in the process of yoga.It is a mesmerizing account of how reincarnation worked through his last seven lives and by dealing with and resolving karmic troubles how he has attained his current spiritual level in his present life.

His next brilliant book published in 2013 is "MAHAPRAVUR NEELACHOLE AAJO CHOLE LEELA".This book is about author's Puri porikroma by foot in all the notable temples there.It also contains the mythological,historical,geographical stories and datas associated with Neelachal.Along with Puri,this book also covers the pilgrimage to Neelmadhab in Kantilo,from where the saga of Jagannathdeb started.The author's visit to Bhubaneswar,Konarak,Alalnath and other associated places have added feathers to it.Along with this there is the most thorough research of Mahapravu Chaitanyadeb's antordhan with the truth associated with it.In this pilgrimage the author came in touch with a gyani bhakto Madhav Mishraji who has given a glimpse of the spiritual mysteries of Jagannathdeb and Chaitanyadeb.Its really interesting to know from him that still today lots of miracles are being performed by the 2 Mahapravus there.Along with this,the book wills erve as the detailed guide to every reader for the successful Puri Pilgrimage.

In September 2013, his next book "ANANTER JIGYASA" (in 2 volumes) has been published.This book is the  compilation of the replies to all the spiritual queries  that the yogi author delivered to his readers and disciples at the different sessions of his spiritual discourses in “Adhyatmik Adhibeshon”. This book will help all humans around the world to accelerate the progress on their spiritual paths.

In January 2014, his next book "KEDARNATHEY AAJO GHOTE AGHATON" has been published.This  is  a detailed  account  of a lady’s mystic experiences by the grace of Lord Gopala in the Himalayas and  also of her  unique vicinity with a great  saint  of  Tibet,(who was also her Guruji of the  previous  birth) in   the   midst   of   the  tremendous disaster in Kedarnath during June 2013. The divine experiences of this lady in Kedarnath during the disaster once again proves that miracles still happen there, even in these days.

In March 2014,his Hindi book "BRINDABAN MEIN AAJ BHI GHATNEWALE CHAMATKAR" (the most awaited Hindi translation of his book "Brindabone Aajo Ghote AGhoton") has been published.The translation was done brilliantly by Keya Sarkar.This classic is based on the practical experiences of the author. It shows how an atheist acquaintance of the author was transformed into a SIDHHA SADHIKA "GOPALA'S MA" by the miraculous acts of LORD GOPALA in BRINDABAN. Even she had witnessed the MAHA RASH of SRI RADHA & KRISHNA in Nidhuban, a sacred TIRTHA of BRINDABAN by the grace of LORD GOPALA. 
In May 2014, his first e-book "AMI TARASHIS BOLCHI" has been published. It is a collection of the spiritual blogs written by the saint author Tarashis Gangopadhyay since the last one year in his google blog http://amitarashisbolchi.blogspot.in/  .

In the last week of May 2014, his long awaited book "JETHA RAMDHANU OTHE HESHE" has been published.This book is a collection of spiritual, romantic and satiric short stories of the author which are based upon his own philosophy of life.These stories are marked by epigrammatic brevity, subtle humor, witty dialogues and terseness of expression.They have been already praised greatly by different critics.

In March 2015, his next book "AAJO SETHA NITYA LEELA KOREN GORA RAY" has been published. This book is the only complete travelogue in Bengali on Nabadwip, Shantipur and Kalna with the significance of those places and details of Mahaprabhu's leela.

In the later half of 2015,his next book "JIBON THEKE MAHAJIBONER POTHE" has been published. This attractive book is a fascinating trip down the memory lane of a saint spiritual writer Tarashis Gangopadhyay, that tells us how he has been inspired by his Gurudeb, numerous saints and glorified souls since childhood to proceed towards the spiritual path from an ordinary path of life. It also tells us how he has been guided by his Ishta-Devata Lord Gopala throughout his journey of life upto his diksha and how his life has been shaped and moulded towards spirituality by Lord Gopala's grace.

In July 2016,his next book "ANANTER JIGYASA (Yogsadhan porbo)" has been published.This book is the  compilation of the replies to all the spiritual queries  that the yogi author delivered to his readers and disciples about yogasadhna in his spiritual discourses of “Adhyatmik Adhibeshon”. This book will help all humans around the world to accelerate the progress on their spiritual paths by the help of Yogasadhna.

In August 2016,his next book "SANGRILAR  GUPTOYOGI" has been published. This book is the mystic narrative of a great Tibetan Lama who visited the secret Buddhist Gompha of Sangrila, hidden away in the valleys of remote Tibetan plateau with a highly evolved soul and mahayogi Rechung Lama.He had also enlightened the author with the minute details of his experience of the Yogsadhna of Sangrila he performed there to achieve sidhhi.

In July 2017,his next book "Brajadhame Aajo Ghotey Aloukik -Vrindaban porbo" has been published.This  is  a  detailed  account  of an elderly man’s mystic experiences by Srimati Radharani and Sri Krishna's grace in Vrajdham, and  also of his close proximity to one of the greatest  Vaishnava saints of Vrajdham. Later he became a devoted disciple of this great Vaishnava saint and accompanied him to Vrajdham Parikrama. The divine experiences of this elderly person in Vrindavan as well as in Vrajdham,  the mystic experiences of different saints of Vrajdham as well as  the divine leela performed by Shrimati Radharani and Sri Krishna from time to time in different temples and teerthas depicted in this book proves that miracles still happen there, even in today's modern world.

The writing style of this respected YOGI author is marked by epigrammatic brevity, subtle humor, witty dialogues and terseness of expression, which are based upon his own philosophy of life. In all his books, the author's quest for the nector of spiritualism impresses us most. Each of his creation is different from the other with different background and topic. So, it's advisable not to compare one book with the other, since apple cannot be compared to orange.

To conclude, if you 're willing to realize the HINDU SPIRITUALISM you must read the above mentioned works of TARASHIS GANGOPADHYAY. He is without a doubt one of the most gifted authors on the planet at this time.

To have a glimpse of his loving works, please click on the following links :-


8)   GYANGANJER  AMRITOLOKEY                                                                     
10) KHONIK KHONJE CHIRONTON (In 3 volumes)                              



18)  ANANTER JIGYASA (In 2 volumes)


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