Marcel A. Boschi, David Drew-Smythe & John F. Taylor

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 The History of Mather & Platt Ltd. 



The History of Mather & Platt Ltd 

Jubilee book 1958 

Long Service Association  

2012 - 60th Anniversary Annual Dinner & Reunion of Mather & Platt Long Service Association- *

The History of Mather & Platt Ltd book
was commissioned to celebrate the 60th Anniversary
of the Mather & Platt Long Service Association.

"Fascinating... a fabulous insight into how Mather & Platt helped to
create social welfare reforms for the impoverished Salford
community during the early 19th Century.

Salford Museum of Social History and Art Gallery 
Required reading for those who want to learn more about the
Manchester and Salford engineering pioneers and innovators that
helped to make Britain great.

Manchester Museum of Science & Industry
The employees of this local Manchester and Salford Company
excelled themselves both on and off the Battlefield. No other
company made such a diverse and valuable contribution to the war
effort during World War Two."
Imperial War Museum