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This is project is an experiment to create an action adventure story written by  the community at large. Send entries into with the subject line:  sentry and the date of the submission

while we will look at most entries, we want shorter ones over larger ones.

if too much time goes by we will put some story up ourselves, however Dan tends to have  mean temper... You have been warned. 

Following are a brief set of rules for submission guidelines

  • Enter, we are not that picky.
  • Its all about fun.
  • any formats are good, Dan can just copy and paste a lot.
  • try for good spelling and grammar.  But it is not that important
  • don't double post. We will try not to include anyones work twice in a row.
  • never surrender, never give up. If we don't like your submission give us another one.
  •  Don't be a jerk and kill people willy nilly, thats our job.