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Happy New Year!


Happy to new year to all of you on the Gregorian calendar, I hope this new year treated you all well. 

as a gift and resolution: expect to see updates on all fronts by the end of this week.


 Update um, again. yah.


all right, its the tail end of the school semester over here at bookmobile HQ and we are very close to done with the scripting of Spacer ep1: intro to Spacer. expect to see more informations before not the not to distant future.



Simple update, with the recent discovery of team communication and our biggest achievement yet, Doing work we have managed to well, start doing work.

this means that it is possible you may see the first episode of Spacer within this century.

Trying something new:


new idea of mine to make this contentles wonder more interactive

click the image to (potentially) chat with the creators of the podcast

the chat is provided through gabbly, and works in all major browsers, just a though, tell us what you think.

Note while we cannot currently post any "guaranteed" times, we can advise that evenings and weekends will be more likely. if you cannot seem to find us online, send us an angry e-mail at and someone can try to arrange being online at that time.

also I want to inform you that work has been done on the next episode, MIST, and work is planned for the next-after-that episode INTRO TO SPACER

Here is a sneak preview of whats to come:

This offer is Closed


this means YOU

you are viewer #100

as such you are to receive, 1 Free cookie (to be delivered directly to your computer), and a free voice role on our podcast.

PLEASE CONTACT to for more information

(if you are not the 100th viewer and I just fail to take this down feel free to redeem the prize anyway.)



you have one week (give or take as laziness strikes) to add to the story experiment before Daniel goes and does something incredibly stupid.



All right, situation update.

Do we have content for ya? no.

Are we busy recording? no.

is there much we can do about it? no.

unfortunately Anne, my co-host, co-editor, head writer, and 1/2 pretty much all of the female voice acting talent at our disposal lives in Wisconsin. I live in Minnesota. now that finals are over, she has fled back to her home town. this puts some strain on the management here.

Fear not. Daniel is still planing on finishing MIST using local talent, and then producing some one man shows. These may or may not be funny, thats really up to your opinion. These may or may not come soon, only time will tell.

in short:

Good news: we have plans for more content.

Bad news: we have no serious content planed for the summer.

Worse news: you all have to listen to Daniel a lot more.