Chapter Excerpts

Below are lines from each chapter in the book to give you an idea of FOOTPRINT'S content and show John's writing style.

Introduction: Inadvertently we humans have gotten ourselves into a fix.

Ch. 1: Our Diaphanous Atmosphere: Venus is sometimes called earth’s sister planet, but with that atmosphere, she is indeed an ugly sister.

Ch. 2: The Climate Is Changing: We better make the sun our friend or it will fast become our worst enemy.

Ch. 3: CO2 - Too Much of a Good Thing: Enough solar energy has accumulated that if it were focused in one area it could boil away the Mississippi River. Now if the Mississippi suddenly disappeared, that would get noticed. People in Minneapolis would say, “Well, if we’d known the river was going away, we wouldn’t have fixed the bridge.”

Ch. 4: How We Got Into This Mess: It is sheer folly to think we can continue powering the world with fossil fuels without consequences.

Ch. 5: Sold a Bill of Goods - Consumerism, Capitalism, and Patriotism: Having tons of money doesn’t give us the right to put tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Ch. 6: Ambivalent Politicians: If Shakespeare were writing a play on American politics today I’m not sure if he would write tragedy or comedy.

Ch. 7: To Slay a Dragon, or Kill-a-Watt: Someone who is energy aware can easily use one-tenth the energy of someone who is energy oblivious.

Ch. 8: Getting Somewhere Is Getting Us Nowhere: There are so many commercial air flights in the world each day that if each plane were lined up side by side at the equator they would be barely one-fourth mile apart.

Ch. 9: Tipping Point: As we knock over hurdles, at some point it becomes impossible to win the race. Once the tipping point is reached, it is irreversible.

Ch. 10: Energy Awareness, Attitude, and Philosophy: How do we convert a third of a billion people, young and old, from energy oblivion to energy awareness?

Ch. 11: Determining Your Personal Carbon Footprint: When you’re 5 years old, you need nightlights because there can be scary monsters about. Replacing two lights with the most energy efficient models made 2800% difference in energy and CO2. They work just as well, and there hasn’t been one scary monster in her room since she installed the new nightlights.

Ch. 12: Reducing Your Personal Carbon Footprint: In Oregon, Mr. Sun Solar company is one of a growing number of businesses that get 100% of their energy generated on-site with solar.

Ch. 13: Reducing Your Community's Carbon Footprint: One in four of the trucks we pass on the freeway is carrying food.

Ch. 14: Reducing Your Country's Carbon Footprint: If John F. Kennedy were alive today and had been briefed by Dr. James Hansen about global warming, he might say, “Ask not what your country can do to reduce your carbon footprint, ask what you can do for your country’s."

Ch. 15: Reason to Hope: The U.S. has hit the snooze alarm several times over the last two decades, but now it’s time to get up and go to work.