Hey there,
My name is Kayla, I invite you to join my online book club. I am welcome to suggestions, and if you have questions about the books, just email me, or leave a comment. I have several email addresses: Kaylabethfrance@yahoo.com and notredamegrl6@gmail.com. Feel free to contact us, but if you please, put in the subject of the email that you are from The Book Bag Club. I like youtube.com too. I have an account, my Username is Kaylabethfrance. Yes I know, so original. While you are there, definitely check out Kalebnation, he is one of my Youtube.com friends. He is sooo cool. He is probably the only guy ever to openly admit his love for TWILIGHT. Anyway, he is the Awesomest, so check it out. Books are one of my top favorite things, and talking about them is something I am good at and enjoy thoroughly. If you have any interest, just leave a comment and introduce yourself. If you wish to remain anonymous, make up a name. Hope you enjoy. 
Yours Truly,
P.S. Check out my friend Autumn's Roleplaying Club at: http://sites.google.com/site/roleplayingclub/ It's quite entertaining, or would be if more people joined. I'm editor, and sort of the "bouncer" for lack of a better term, because I will not let Autumn tolerate rude snobs, bad behavior, and I really hate bad grammar and spelling.
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