Finding Freedom and Resiliency Through Integrated Movement

"Every moving being that passes before me, is a teacher for me, so the study of movement is an active and on going phenomena in my life"

How do I keep motivating my clients?

By instilling an ongoing rapport with their own body. When they sense a deeper way of being "In Body" that feels good, they want more and their curiosity brings them back to explore. It's that simple.

What makes my business stand out from the competition?

I have been doing, learning, teaching movement for 54 years. This coupled with my keen eye and intuitive sense of creating simple elegant movement impassions my teaching.

As a teacher I:

-  Do not teach from a strict format

-  Collaborate with my clients - their bodies tell me what is needed and where to go next                     

-  Keep expanding ways to spot potential problems and restore healthy movement options

-  Unwind old injuries and limiting physical patterns

The perspective I use in my work includes Chinese Five Element Theory. This simple but deep lens offers me a clearer understanding of the dynamic flow of body, mind and spirit.


Cultivating Body, Mind and Spirit

My experiences as gymnast, coach, dancer/choreographer, teacher and perennial student have given me a unique blend of skills that I bring to work with others in enhancing their own awareness of their bodies.

I have come to understand the deeper energetic capacities within us; allowing us to sense new territories of our beings (not only our physical bodies) and then use this awareness to affect change and improvement in our whole state of being. This deeper participation with our whole beings gives us an ever evolving means to express ourselves, communicating with clarity and ease. Constantly attuning to this whole body awareness is what I imagine to be the essence of living from our "Core".

Pilates and The Gyrotonic® Method  

I have learned a great deal about the human body from the filters of both systems. For me, the Pilates Method maps out a linear vocabulary for the body, it encourages a kind of nuts and bolts approach for building safe and effective movement patterns. The method emphasizes moving from the deep muscular support of the spine. This provides a strong and stable foundation for the surrounding structures of the pelvis, shoulder girdle and limbs to move from. It also provides an excellent means to analyze movement from a mechanical standpoint.

The Gyrotonic® Method employs wavelike and rotational languaging of the spine moving in various planes. It speaks about initiating movement from the internal energetic centers of the body that reach outward to the external structures of the body and beyond. This creates a more circular and spirallic flow around the body's center. This system also demands a great deal of core stability and once in place, it provides a rich, 3-dimensional way of moving. 

Both modalities use breath and it's rhythm to support not only the flow of movement but to sharpen one's awareness of the rapport between body, mind and spirit.

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