Teaching Experience

1973–2009   Mulvihill has taught at numerous Collegiate and Club gymnastic programs, clinics and camps. See below for more detailed description of this. 

2002–2009   Was part of Michele Larsson's teaching staff for her Core Dynamics Pilates Teacher Trainer Program.

2000–2004   Taught Modern Dance and Pilates at University of Santa Fe, New Mexico

2004-2006   Taught Modern Dance and Pilates at Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2001–2014   Taught Pilates, The Gyrotonic® Method and a synthesis of other modalities that are essential to her understanding of movement at Momentum Studio, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Gyrotonic® Santa Fe, Santa Fe New Mexico. The Movement Studio, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Riverwalk Movement Arts Studio, Las Vegas New Mexico and her fully equipped studio in Villanueva New Mexico.

2015   Mulvihill has recently moved to Old Town Longmont, Colorado and is teaching out of her fully equipped home studio.

Colleen at the 1968 Olympics, Mexico City

Education and Training

1961–1968   From the ages of 9 -16 trained as a gymnast. 1968 Olympic competitor. Coached by her father, Dick Mulvihill.

1970-1974   BFA Modern Dance at University of Illinois, Urbana Illinois. Studied with Beverly Blossom, Chester Wollenski, Willis Ward and Pat Knowles.

1974–1986   Professional Modern Dance and Ballet training in San Francisco and NYC with Margaret Jenkins, Michele Larsson, Helen Dannenberg, Viola Farber, Merce Cunningham Studio teachers, June Finch and Ernie Pagnano.

1986-1988   Yoga with Evaleah Howard and Judith Lassater in San Francisco and Berkeley California.

1987–Present   Discovered/Discovering Pilates. Certified and trained by Michele Larsson in her Core Dynamics Teacher Training Program 1998 - 2000. Other significant Pilates teachers: Mercy Sidbury, Celia Hulton, Ruth Alpert, Diane Miller, and Deborah Lesson.

1988–Present   Student of Chi Kung: Studied with Simu Madame Min Ou Yang in San Francisco, California 1988-1992.  Studied with Sifu Yu Sui Soy in Hong Kong, China 1993. Currently with Alice Seigneur.

1995-1997   Studied Reiki with Denise and John Krundall. Reiki I and II Initiate

1999-Present   Learning the Ancient Chinese 5 Element System with Joel Seigneur, Alice Seigneur and Joyce Lo Presti and with their guidance incorporating it into my movement and energy work.
2002   Studied with Master Trainer Celia Hulton. Certified by Hulton, in The Gyrotonic® Method 2003.


Professional Dance Experience

1975–1979 & 1984-1986   Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, San Francisco, California. 
1980-1981   David Gordon Pick Up Company, NYC, New York

1979–2004   Mulvihill enjoyed a twenty five year collaboration with composer and musician J.A. Deane - dino (also her life partner). Their collaboration generated over 50 dance/music works which reflect a dynamic relationship to the inexhaustible possibilities of movement, sound, architecture, image and light. Their work has been produced throughout the United States, Europe and China.

Collegiate Gymnastic Coaching and Choreography work

1977–1991   University of Illinois Urbana, Illinois. Choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1982–1987   University of Florida, Gainsville Florida. Coach/Choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1984–1991   Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois. Choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1987–1997   Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.  Choreographer of Floor & Beam routines.

1988–2007   University of California, Berkeley California.  Coach/choreographer of Floor & Beam events.

1988–1992   University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska. Choreographer of Floor & Beam routines.

1990–1991   University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Choreographer of Floor & Beam routines.

Club Gymnastic Coaching and Choreographic Work 

1975–1986   Illini Twisters Champaign, Illinois. Choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1975–1979   Santa Clara Gymnastic Center Santa Clara, California. Choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1979-1985   National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics Eugene, Oregon. Choreographed Floor routines.

1979–1983   Rebounder Gymnastic Club Baltimore MD. Choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1979–1983   Starlets Gymnastic Club, Ridgewood New Jersey. Choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1979–1981   Diablo Gymnastic Club, Walnut Creek, California.  Choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1979   Vancouver Gymnastic Club, Vancouver, Canada.  Choreographer Floor routines.

1980–1981   Almaden Valley Gymnastic School, San Jose, California.  Choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1983–1988   Eastern National Academy of Gymnastics, Riverdale New Jersey. Coach/choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1983   Columbus Gymnastic Center, Columbus Indiana.

Gymnast Dana McDonald

Choreographer of Floor and Balance Beam routines.

1984–1985   Welthrop School of Gymnastics, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1985–1987   Long Island Gymnastic Academy, Hewlett, New York.  Choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1985   All American Gymnastics, St. Louis Missouri. Choreographer Floor routines.

1985   La Fleur Gymnastic Club, Tampa, Florida.  Choreographer Floor routines.

1987–2008   Golden Bear Gymnastics, Berkeley California.  Coach/choreographer for Floor & Beam events. Dance Instructor

2001-2004   Brown's Gymnastics, Las Vegas Nevada. Choreographer for Floor & Beam events.

1997–2008   Grace Gymnastics Lakewood YMCA, Tacoma Seattle.  Choreographer for Floor & Beam events.

1988–2006   American Twisters , Pompano Beach, Florida.  Choreographer Floor & Beam routines.

1988–1990   Nebraska School of Gymnastics, Lincoln Nebraska. Choreographer of Floor & Beam routines.