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Save Against Fear

    Save Against Fear
is a yearly fundraising event founded from a belief in the use of role playing           games as therapeutic tools. Many of the members of TBG are avid role playing gamers and have           personally and professionally seen the potential therapeutic benefit of this leisure activity. Role           playing games have been shown to increase social skills, problem solving skills, and emotional             recognition and management. Additionally, role playing games can provide a comfortable and safe       environment for people to explore and develop aspects of their personality in order to transfer these       skills into real life to use in difficult situations. For example, victims of trauma can rehearse and form    healthy responses to their trauma within the safe environment of a game. A person who is having           difficulty dealing with the loss of a parent can express this grief remotely within the context of the       game by delivering a eulogy for a fallen king of the realm. Any emotional scenario can be rehearsed in    this way. Many people have used fighting the monsters in the game as a metaphor for conquering the    their own personal demons. 

Save Against Fear is a weekend long event to raise awareness to not only therapeutic gaming, but also TBG's mission of reducing the impact of sexual abuse. All proceeds will benefit TBG's efforts to open a counseling center and forward the development of our own therapeutic games. 

How You Can Help
You can support Save Against Fear and TBG in many ways. 
  1. Attend Save Against Fear and spread the word. 
  2. Donate your time and creativity by running game sessions.
  3. Donate gaming materials to be given out as prize packs.
  4. Donate funds to aid in the overall mission of TBG. See our "About Us" page for our PayPal donate button or mail donations to our physical address located on the sidebar. 
  5. Contact us at with any comments, suggestions or more information. 

Save Against Fear 2011
Our first event in September of 2011 was a huge success! We raised over $1200 in a marathon style RPG extravaganza that included terrific sponsors such as Chaosium, White Wolf and Kenzer & Company. It not only served to introduce our organization to the gaming public, it also led to the formation of our therapeutic gaming arm. With your continued support we have been hard at work exploring the vast possibilities of trauma-informed care through the medium of gaming. Thank you all who came out last year and we look forward to seeing you again this year!
Save Against Fear 2012
Our follow-up event in October of 2012 was a huge success! We again raised over $1200 in a weekend long that included sponsors such as Chaosium, White Wolf Publishing, Steve Jackson Games, Anthropos Games, DriveThru RPG, and Alderac Entertainment Group. We gathered more attendees this year, introduced event achievements and gamerscores. Everyone loved the "Character Sheets!" Thanks to everyone for supporting us and our mission. We look forward to seeing you again at Save Against Fear 2013!
Save Against Fear 2013
Our latest and third event was an amazing success, with 101 attendees and $1700 raised! The Bodhana Group offers a sincere thank you to the tremendous efforts of our tireless volunteers, talented GM's and exuberant players. It's the high-spirited enthusiasm and compassionate nature of our supporters that will keep us moving forward. Keep an eye out for updates, pics, video and much more at and on our FB page!