The Mystifyingly Unexplained Sophisticated Mythology of Ayiti
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The Bob Lapierre Theatre Company prides itself to be the most professional Ayitian institution in the area of Performing Arts.     When you engage our services, you simply contracted and trusted the best to handle and manage your performance.  As our audience, you are in the House to be entertained and be taught equally, for we indeed speak the language of theatre.

Yes, the language of theatre, we speak it!

Freedom, prosperity, and the development of society and of individuals are what we fundamentally value most, as humans.  Those values appear to be attainable only through the ability of well-informed citizens who are all called upon to exercise their “democratic rights” and to play an active role in Society.  The key for advancement, we believe, is free and unlimited access to knowledge.  Information, to be precise, which can be obtained through culture, teaching, and exhibition (Forum Theatre).  The language of the theatre is one such media from which knowledge can be disseminated to the public at large, and that the public can benefit from experiencing both cultural diversity and priceless information.  As a human-only experience, apparently, the drama performed in the theatre can be used effectively to educate the public and to help it participate constructively in the development of Performing Arts.

TBLTC is a collective company of artists with a common drive to develop theatre that provokes thought, enlightens the spirit and entertains audience-participants. Our mission as Theatre professionals, is to create meaningful theatre generated by an authentic cultural link to the community we represent.

TBLTC is a 501(c)3 New York-Florida theater arts organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Nos Hommes & Femmes de Lettres

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Nou reyalize jan jenerasyon nouvèl yo twouble.  Anpil nan yo ap jete kilti pa yo pou yo ranmase pa zòt.

E nou konprnan rasin pwoblèm nan.  Li klè pou tout moun sou tè a, si ou pa konnen ki kote w soti, ou pa sa konnen ki kote ou prale.  Si ou pa konnen istwa w, ou pa sa konnen ki moun ou ye.  Si ou pa gen respè pou kilti w,  ou pa p sa gen respè pou tèt ou, paske kilti yon moun, yon pèp, se idantite l.  Si ou pa genyen yon gouvènman konpetan ki pou kenbe pwotokòl ou antan sitwayen nan yon peyi, zòt va mache sou eskanp figi w lè lide l di l.  "Se sou danse w, yo konn ki sosyete w." Dixi (Lat.: Mwen di)

Peut-être il est temps pour nous, Ayitians, de prendre notre destiné en main.  En Ayiti, nous avons une des cultures les plus belles, les plus riches établies pour nous par les pionniers exhibés en haut (Ils sont beaucoup plus nombreux, ces rares intellectuels d'Haïti, mais il nous manque d'espace pour les exhiber tous.  Ce n’est qu’un commencement. - Voir Gallerie D'Honneur

Perhaps it is time for us, Ayitians, to pick up the pieces.  In Ayiti, we have one of the most beautiful cultures laid down for us by the pioneers exhibited above (There are far more exceptional gray matters among us) - Look in Gallerie D'Honneur


Billy Fleurima

ranks among Ayiti’s topmost guitar players. Billy embraced his father's trade as furniture designer and artist paint.  His talents and abilities are purely inborn. 




The girls: Cleo, Electra, Nia, Sharon, Misty and Martine sing a Farah Juste's top melody: "Defi"


Director: B. Lapierre Production Director: J. Desrosiers

 "À Coeur vaillant, rien d'impossible".
No one I know deserves more of our respect than Farah Juste,” the star-producer.
Just as did the Medici family, who rescued the arts in Italy[1], Farah’s name is forever engraved in the history of the Ayitian Theatre.  The Ayitian marvel play, "Reclaiming Choukoun," for example, probably would not have been executed any sooner without her will and tenacity.  Farah, the activist, is our great lady of culture.http://www.farahjustesoleil.com/home.html

    Mwen pa vrèman konnen yon lòt Ayisyen ki, avèk tout kè li, tout nanm li, fè efò ak sakrifis Farah Juste
fè pou li ede kenbe ak pouse kilti peyi Ayiti.  Pafwa, apre dans, tanbou konn lou, men se Laplas yo sèlman ki konn konnen. Apre sa, se plenn nan kè, paske pa vrèman gen sipò, pa vrèman gen pwodisè Ayisyen.  Malgre tou, fòk tout atis ki benefisye kouraj li ta yomenm gen kouraj pou yo di li mèsi.  Farah pote anpil nan yo sou do li. Li bay anpil gwo ak ti atis chans yo. Farah se yon fanm Ayisyèn ki gen volonte, li se yon Zetwal ki chaje ak klas, kouraj, e ki merite respè avèk admirasyon tout Ayisyen alawonnbadè. Kite m pwofte fè nou konprann:

Si peyi Ayiti te genyen senk ti Farah, ki te konprann nesesite ak valè kilti yon pèp, eskanp figi nou ta leve!http://www.farahjustesoleil.com/home.html

[1] During the Medici’s rule in Florence, the City became the cultural center of Europe and the cradle of the new Humanism. (to find out more, you can go on the attached address: http://galileo.rice.edu/gal/medici.html)

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