Emergent Literacy

The Bobbing Boat

Rationale: In order to become confident readers and to learn to spell words, children need to be able to recognize the phonemes that are represented by letters in spoken word.  This lesson will help children identify the phoneme /b/.  They will learn to identify /b/ by using a tongue twister.  They will also determine if /b/ is in a spoken word, represent /b/ on paper/ and they will also identify and represent a word that has the sound/b/ by drawing a picture.



·      Primary paper and a pencil

·      Picture of a boat bobbing in a bay

·      Flashcards with the words: boat, bob, blue, bay, beat, ball

·      Tongue tickler on a chart: “Ben’s boat is bobbing in the blue bay.”

·      Book: The Berenstain’s B Book by Stan Berenstain



“Today we are going to learn to recognize the /b/ sound.  You are going to repeat after me: ‘blue bay.’ What do these two words have in common?” “That’s right, they both start with /b/.  Today we are going to focus on the /b/ sound; let’s make the /b/ sound together.”


“Let’s now now try a tongue tickler!” Present the child with a picture of the tongue tickler on it and say it together.  “Ben’s boat is bobbing in the blue bay.” Repeat once more. “The b sound says buh. Every time you hear the b sounds, I want you to bob your head up and down like a boat. Now we are going to say it together and practice bobbing our head, but we are going to drag out the /b/ sound.”


“Let’s look at some more words that have the /b/ sound in them.”  Show the child the notecards and practice saying the words together and finding the /b/ sound in each word.  E.g. “What does the first card say? Boat is right! Let’s say boat together. Do you hear the /b/ in boat?”


Now take out the primary paper and pencil. “Let’s practice making the letter /b/.  Start out at the rooftop and make a straight line down to the sidewalk. Then b-b-bounce up and around to the fence.”


“Now let’s see if you can find the /b/ sound in a few spoken words.”

·      Blue or green

·      Rule or bay

·      Shop or bop

·      Ball or trap


Following this we will read the book The Berenstains’ B Book. You will give a book talk prior to reading the book. “The Berenstain bears are a crazy family of bears set out to learn more about the letter b. Let’s read the book to see what words they find!”


Assessment: For the assessment portion, I will pass out a worksheet to the students, and instruct them to cut out the images with an object that starts with b, and paste them into the squares.



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