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2001 - Diggydotcom 1

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Diggydotcom 1 (2001)

Duain Martyn, Jenny Mijnhijmer, M. Sahr Ngaujah, Adrienne Reynolds,
Jeffrey Spalburg, Sharisa Whatley, Jennifer St. Jago, Michiel Cohen Jehoram,
Remko van Dokkum, Niels Gorisse, Arjen Keesmaat, Ruud Lanfermeijer,
Marcel Wierckx, Diana Wildschut, Marjorie Boston, Maarten van Hinte.

Diggydotcom is made in different versions. The first version was played by
actors of Made in da Shade and from YEA (Youth Ensemble of Atlanta).
The second version toured from october 2001 untill january 2002 (reprise from
november 2002 untill february 2003). The thirth version is made with South
African rappers and actors and played on Right About Now 11 in december

Diggydotcom (2001/2002/2003)
"f*ck y'all analog n*ggaz, we'll be digital"

Diggydotcom is a performance about the temptations of virtual freedom. Actors
log on to the no man's land of the cyber world, free from their past and free
from reality.

Diggydotcom is made with completely new computertechnics. The interaction
team of Made in da Shade, Ruud Lanfermeijer, Remko van Dokkum, hardware
builder Michiel Cohen Jehoram and audio alchemist Marcel Wierckx built
systems and developed software for months to make the performance
completely interactive.

This summer Made in da Shade performed at the Lowlands rockfestival, in the
barely airconditioned Julliette tent, where they succeeded in completely
captivating the audience. To hear the actors tell it "Lowlands wasn't easy, but it
sure was sweet."

Interactive sound and image have become part and parcel of Made in da Shade.
They work with their own creative and technical interaction team.
The Diggydotcom cast consists of 7 people, of which 2 are American. One of the
actors in the piece is Sahr Ngaujah, originally from Sierra Leone, but now living
in the United States. After ten years of experience with the Youth Ensemble in
Atlanta, he came in touch with Gerrit Timmers of the Onafhankelijk Toneel, after
which he stepped over to the Made in da Shade team, where Sahr seems to
have found his spot.

Review: Spits - october 17th 2001
doby or Anneke Ruys

Theater from the streets

And soon as you enter the theater, you realize Diggydotcom by Made in da
Shade is no ordinary show. Nor is it just another boring play. Their interactive
theater gives you surprise after surprise. The relationship with the audience is
important, because even the audience participates in the show. Diggydotcom is
about the temptations of virtual freedom. We follow actors meeting each other
on an internetsite. In the course of their 'chats' on the site we get an insight into
their world. A quest for reality in a virtual world, in which the souls of some of
todays youth is laid bare: how do they think, how do they react, and what is their
behaviour, alone and with other people? Each actor has his own story and his
own more or less realistic character. Sometimes their world is a game,
sometimes a chatbox.

Particular to this show is the completely new computer interaction technology,
involving music, dance and beautiful video-images.
You experience this show like a concert, a musical, or a movie, because you are
completely drawn into it. And when the play is over, you don't go home empty-
headed. It keeps you busy, long after you've left the theater.
Made in da Shade was founded 9 years ago in Amsterdam. " Our goal is to
make theater, live and direct, uniting many different artistic disciplines" explains
artistic director and actress Marjorie Boston. "Made in da Shade makes Urban
Theater, theater for young people, about our new times, We work with actors,
dj's, painters, musicians, writers, rappers, and computer programmers.
When we write and create a show, we're inspired by anything from hip hop to
Holland, from the streets to classical theater. I wanted to see the people I knew
from the streets in the theater. We mix street language and street culture with
theater images plus images from popular culture."

"Shade works from a very realistic perspective, and that really appeals to me.
You use your own name in the show, and you're dealing with identity and alter
ego's and how they relate to each other. It is very much about today, it's
personal and it reflects how we feel now. The actors are involved in all aspects
of the production, and for me that's a very positive thing."