Ruud Lanfermeijer

Ruud Lanfermeijer is a visual artist, interaction designer interactive theatre designer. He is the founder and artistic director of the Blue Noise Department, which deal with the concepts, design and production of interactive environments for the arts. His work includes theatre, film, television and dance which can be found in a variety of international public and private collections. He has received a Portsmouth University European Master of Arts Degree as well as a 1st Degree for Art (Painting and printing)/Art History in Amsterdam Academy for Visual Art. Images of Ruud his paintings can be found here. Ruud Lanfermeijer his CV can be found here : CV_Ruudlanfermeijer_online.

Jenne Sipman

Director, teacher, writer

Jenne Sipman has worked for the last couple of years as a director of documentaries. She is a teacher and scriptdocter at the Schrijversvakschool ( Academy of Creative Writing) of Amsterdam and at the School of Writing Utrecht School of Arts. She is an independent member of the Dutch Filmfund advisory committee. She writes her own scripts and develops concepts and scripts for documenteries as well as fictionfilm. Her latest films are ‘
Skin Deep’ about the Dutch female artist and video jockey D. Kwaaitaal and the documentary : ‘Ge houdt d’r niks aon tege’, about the devastating effect on the landscape of the new railroad from Rotterdam to Germany right across Jenne’s homeland. She also develops concepts for installations and was initiator of the website:

Jenne’s motto is : film fullfills our constant desire to dream.