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The Black Road 1.36b

Pros : All cita Bosses are back to the way they were in 1.33 (no more insane crits). Hades is still hard even if he does half the crits he did in 1.34b. Lots of bugs have been fixed. Aphrodite's favor gives twice more regen, Immortal armor does it also.
Panda skin is back to the way it was in 1.33
Warlock and assa skins are nicer.
Searing flame stun works now but deals no dmg
Sphynx is easier (no more mages and gripp spell)
Bank cost less mats and gold.

Cons : Persephone has a little more hp than before and ice ring is back to the way it was in 1.33 and mana drainers are back. Guardians are stronger now (>10 kp hp).
Hyperion has a little more hp than before.
Getting mats is easier


What i would change for TBR 1.3X : 
  • Remove the terrain glitch near spearmen (when you select your hero and make him go in that zone, he don't enter and goes instead in the north of minotaur zone). DONE
  • Re-arrange the terrrain near Hydra, so you wouldn't use the terrain glitch when you're a ranged hero. DONE
  • Make Hydra not leaving his zone, so you wouldn't use foutain to heal you. DONE
  • Making some zones restricted to certain levels.
  • The materials problem : How can you have 100k materials at level 200 ??
    • When you would kill a boss, it would give you materials.
  • When you overkill Ocea, Gea or Uranus while he's on the air would make drop items and Stat/spell books. DONE
  • The annoying reseting of some bosses. DONE
  • Fix The Warlock for no bugs. DONE
  • Fix the lag who makes the Light regalia. DONE
  • The spell Flashpoint of the Mage DONE
  • Make less powerful Sphynx, but make him stay in zone with less powerful skellies. DONE
  • Make some quests give more experience.
  • Make work Searing flame of prometheus stun proc DONE
  • When you forge an olympian relic, you don't loose your mats and your gold if you miss something or clicked on the wrong relic! DONE
  • Make not reset the hestia's touch and soul-piercing shot level 8 to level 1 when you load your character DONE

Here's a fun dota-like map called "Great war of the titans 1.00". Some cool spells and interesting recipes.
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