About the Black Book of Arda

This project is dedicated to my fan translation of the ~Black Book of Arda~.  This would make it the first english translation ever (that I know of).

The Black Book of Arda, also sometimes called The Black Silmarillion,  retells the story of the JRR Tolkien's Silmarillion from the perspective of the "Dark Side" – Silmarillion's Melkor (Morgoth), and is a sort of "Paradise Lost" of Middle Earth...      

It is an influential and controversial fanfic written by Elhe Niennah and Illet (N. Vassilyeva and N. Nekrasova), and it made its first online appearance in the Russian Tolkien communities around 1993 in pre-internet networks such as Fido. Since then the authors released several editions in 1995, 2000 and 2008. The Black Book of Arda spurred an entire sub-genre of fanfic that romanticized the "Dark Side" of Middle Earth... and made some purist Tolkien fans foam at the mouth... At any rate, it is beautifully written, 
it is gloomy, and it is utterly irreverent to the lines of "Good/Evil" as defined by JRR. 
 "The Book" (c) Юкка (с) Венец, 2007 click image to go to gallery of beautiful illustrations to the Black Book of Arda by Ukka 
The Black Book of Arda also fills in gaps in Middle Earth history, fleshing out the cultures of Orcs, the language and eventual fate of the mysterious Dark Elves from the north, and of mortals that chose the Other Side...

After watching rumors about the mysterious "Black Silmarillion" make their way though english-speaking Tolkien fandom, and many people looking for translations I decided, being a native speaker of both languages, to take it upon myself to translate it. I hope I give it justice, and you enjoy the book as much as I did !!! 

Disclaimer --The characters, world, and prose belong to Elhe and Illet and to the great JRR Tolkien!!! I have no claims on the original work, which I'm only doing a fan translation for the fanfic community and for my own enjoyment! 

~feastduringtheplague, May 2012