Surrendering Your Bird
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To Place A Bird With Us

 If you need to surrender a bird, you will need to fill out an Intake Form and mail it or bring it with you when you surrender it.

Intake Form

You must answer the following questions in order to place your bird into

our rescue.

1) We need to know if you will be willing to drop the bird you want to

place with us off at our rescue.


If we must, we will travel up to 50 miles to pick up a bird, but we will have to charge a fee to cover our gas. We will charge a standard fee of $25.00 if we must travel over 10 miles.

 **We are located at our home in: 

                                                                 Akron, Ohio 44312


2) What are you currently feeding your bird?   


3) What is the name of the bird you want to place with us?  


4) What is the bird's temperament (is it a screamer, biter, shy, wild, friendly)           


5) What is the birds approximate age?  


Lastly and Most Important

   6) Are you willing to provide a cage. We get too many birds and not enough cages.

If you need to place a bird with us please call:

Jen: (330) 703-0767


Email Us:


We are not here to criticize or judge you. We are here to help! We just want to help the birds, what ever your situation may be. We understand that things happen. We also get a lot of birds who have severe behavioral problems because the owner let it get that way.

For Example: If your bird screams, DO NOT PUT HIM IN ANOTHER ROOM BY HIMSELF. For the most part they scream for attention They are flock animals, so when they scream they expect you to answer them back, they are just trying to keep in contact. When putting them someplace, where they are getting no interaction they may do things like pull out their feathers, self mutilate, and also become aggressive. These are ways that birds deal with stress and depression. Please do not let this happen to your bird!