Sponsor a Bird
Give a gift to our feathered friends

You can pick one of the birds in our sanctuary you would like to sponsor. You can choose to send them a Pet Supplies Plus/Petsmart Gift card, or a bird toy, food, or treat. We will send you their info, history and pictures of them. You will also be listed on our site as a sponsor and what you donated. If you would like to sponsor a bird please email us and tell us which bird you would like to sponsor. We can give you our mailing address for you to send your gift, and we will mail you all the info about your sponsor bird. Please help our feathered friends!

You can also send a donation via, cashier's check.

Birds you can sponsor

               Kiwi (Left) and Cory (Right), Quaker Parrots residing in our Sanctuary.     

Marie Antoinette (Left) an Umbrella Cockatoo and Dino (Right) is a Rose Breasted Cockatoo.

This is Reba a female Eclectus who is residing in our sanctuary as well.

If you are interested in Sponsoring a Bird or have questons please contact us:



You may sponsor as many birds as you would like, and any bird may have more than one sponsor. Sponsorship does not, in any way, grant the sponsor legal claim, rights, or ownership of any kind to said bird(s).
Thank You!!