This is a list of Parrots that are available as pets in the U. S.



Species List 

These are pretty much all of the species of parrots you can own in the U.S.  


There are 11 species of macaws that are considered the large macaws.

-Blue and Gold






-Lear's or Blue





There are 6 species of macaws that are considered the mini-macaws.






The Noble Macaw is a subspecies of the Hahn's that is slightly larger (Noble, Left; Hahn's, Right)

-Red Shouldered (Hahn's, Noble, Long-winged)


There are 15 different kinds of hybrid macaws.


-Catalina (Blue & Gold-Scarlet) 

-Harlequin (Blue & Gold-Greenwing)

(Greenwing father)

-Harlequin (Blue & Gold-Greenwing)

(Blue & Gold father)

-Miligold (Blue & Gold-Military)

-Bluffons (Blue & Gold-Buffons)

-Maui Sunset (Blue & Gold-Red fronted

-Jubilee (Harlequin-Greenwing)

-Cameo (Greenwing-Calico)

-Caloshua (Blue & Gold-Hyacinth

-Ruby (Scarlet-Greenwing)

-Shamrock (Scarlet-military)

-Verde (Scarlet-Buffons)

-Calico (Greenwing-Military)

-Buffwing (Greenwing-Buffons)

-Miliffons (Military-Buffons)

-Milicinth (Military-Buffons)

-Camelot (Catalina-Scarlet)

-Capri (Camelot-Scarlet)

-Flame (Greenwing-Catalina)

-Not Sure of Name (Harlequin-Shamrock)



There are 17 different species of Cockatoos not including the subspecies.



-Sulphur Crested (Eleanora)

-Bare Eyed

-Blue Eyed

-Black Palm



-Galah (Rose Breasted)

-Red Vented

-Slender Billed

-Major Mitchell

-Gang Gang

-Glossy Black

-Yellow Tailed

-White Tailed Black

-Red Tailed Black 



There are 4 common species of Eclectus Parrots.

(Eclectus parrots are Sexually Dimorphic or the sexes look different)

-Red Sided Eclectus

-Grand Eclectus

-Solomon Island Eclectus

-Vosmaeri Eclectus

There are 4 less common species of Eclectus Parrots.

-Biaki Eclectus

-Cornelia's Eclectus

-Macqillivray Eclectus

-Riedeli's Eclectus 



There are 27 known amazons out of 332 species of parrots. Some of which are endangered and not commonly kept as pets. 





-Double Yellow Headed



(not to be confused with the Green-Cheek conure)






-Puerto Rican






-St. Lucia

-St. Vincent







-Yellow -Lored




African Greys

There are two different species of African Greys. 

-Congo African Grey

-Timneh African Grey


Other Parrots


-Green Parrot







-Red Bellied




There are many different types of conures. Many of which are not commonly kept as pets. This is a list of all common and uncommon conures.



-Argentinia White-Eyed

-Aruba or Aruba Brown-Throated



-Aztec or Jamaican or Olive-Throated









-Blue Crown


-Bolivian Blue-Crowned

-Bonaire Brown-Throated


-Brazilien Grey-Breasted

-Brazilien Brown-Throated

-Brewster's Green Conure



-Brown-Throated or St. Thomas





-Chapman's Mitred Conure

-Cherry-Headed/Red Masked



-Colombian Brown-Throated

-Colombian Conure




-Cubiro Red-Eared



-Dusky-Headed or Weddell's

-Dwar or Jamaican

-Eastern Aztec

-Ecuadorian White-Eyed

-El Oro Conure

-Emma's White-Eared



-Golden Cap or Golden-Capped or Flame-Capped

-Golden Conure




-Gran Sabana

-Green Conure


-Guiana Brown-Throated

-Half Moon








-Margarita Brown-Throated




-Miritiba Pearly



-Monagas White-Eared


-Neumann's Pearly

-Nicaraquan Green




-Orinoco Blue-Crowned

-Pacific Black-Tailed


-Pale Cactus








-Pyrrhura Conure

-Queen Of Bavaria's









-Rock Conure








-Sun Conure

-Tortuga Blue-Throated

-Venezuelan Blue-Crowned

-Venezuelan Blue-Throated







When you think "parakeet" the first thing that usually comes to mind is the little common parakeet that you can get at almost any pet store. However, there are in fact many different birds that are considered parakeets that are far from what you consider a parakeet.

-Adelaide Rosella




-Crimson Rosella


-Eastern Rosella


-Green Rosella

-Indian Ring Neck


-Long Tailed



-Northern Rosella


-Plum Headed (female)

-Port Lincoln

-Princess Of Wales

-Red Rump

-Rock Pebbler



-Western Rosella

-Yellow Rosella



There are two species of Caiques and 5 subspecies. 











The 8 out of the 9 species of lovebirds are available as pets.

There are 3 that are Sexually Dimorphic (sexes look different).




There are 5 that are Sexually Monomorphic (sexes look the same). 

-Black-Cheeked or Black-Faced (Eye Ring Species)

-Fischer's (Eye Ring Species)

-Masked (Eye Ring Species)  

-Nyasa (Eye Ring Species)

-Peach-Faced or Rosy-Faced



There are 6 species of parrotlets that are commonly kept as pets. 

-Pacific or Celestial