Reasons People Surrender

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 Reasons People Surrender Their Birds

  • Started biting everyone in the house.
  • Too messy.
  • Too loud.
  • No time.
  • Chewing/Plucking Feathers.
  • We had, or are having, a baby.
  • I changed jobs.
  • Dislikes other household members (wife, husband, children)
  • Allergies (Cockatoos, Cockatiels and African Greys produce a dust, powder, or dander that some people are allergic to)

Additionally companion birds are expensive to maintain and live relatively long life spans.


When Birds & Budget Collide

"If you've already trimmed your budget down to its bare bones and still can't afford your bird's care, it might be time to consider re-homing. Sometimes a new home is the best option for a bird's long-term well-being. Knowing that you're doing the right thing won't keep you from feeling a sense of loss, but part of the responsibility of owning a bird is making tough decisions based on what's best for the animal.

It is normal to resist the idea, but when you look at things objectively, you'll probably see that most of the resistance comes from selfishness. It's natural to love your bird and to want to keep it with you for a lifetime. Birds become members of the family and losing them, even by choice, leads to tremendous grief. But if we insist on keeping them, even at the expense of forcing them to live in substandard conditions, we're disregarding the bird's best interests. Sometimes, true love means knowing when it's best to let go."

Dr. Barbara Nefer "When Birds & Budget Collide." Bird Talk Febuary 2009: 24-26


We are not here to criticize or judge you. We are here to help! We just want to help the birds, what ever your situation may be. We understand that things happen. We also get a lot of birds who have severe behavioral problems because the owner let it get that way.

For Example: If your bird screams, DO NOT PUT HIM IN ANOTHER ROOM BY HIMSELF. For the most part they scream for attention They are flock animals, so when they scream they expect you to answer them back, they are just trying to keep in contact. When putting them someplace, where they are getting no interaction they may do things like pull out their feathers, self mutilate, and also become aggressive. These are ways that birds deal with stress and depression. Please do not let this happen to your bird! (I put this section on her twice because I feel it is twice as important)