Other Services We Offer

We are happy to help out in any way we can. Let us know if you have any bird related questions

Other Services

Wing Clipping: $6.00

Nail Trim: $6.00

We also offer Bird Sitting, you may contact us for details.

We will take care of your birds while you are away.

Prices vary according to the time you are away and what type of bird you have but the cost is minimal. You need to have a Certificate of Health with in the past year.

These two pretty babies enjoyed a stay with us while their owner was out of town.



Are you interested in purchasing safe bird toys for a reasonable price?



Here you will see right after I trimmed this poor Cockatiels beak. It was curved all the way around until it was sticking into her neck, she was very malnourished because she could not eat with her beak in that shape. I clipped her beak and filed it down and she was so happy! She chirped and ate like a pig! She is now in a very loving home that will take care of her properly!


We also provide care for birds who's owners are in the military being deployed over seas.

All of these fine men and women defending our country only need to provide a cage and food or cost for food. Plus an emergency contact number and the number of your current vet. We will take care of the rest! Please contact us if we could be of service to you.

It is the least we could do for all that you do for us!