Ohio/Michigan Rescues
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If more rescues would work together then more would be accomplished and possibly more animals adopted. We are all rescue here to help animals. Listed below are some of the rescues that I have contacted in Ohio and Michigan as well as Georgia. If you are interested in being listed, please email me with a description of your rescue, what you take in and you website and I will add you right away. Thank you .

Lexington, Georgia 

Dee's Haven
This rescue is one of my favorites. They have great info and big hearts. If you read so of the stories of some of their birds you will know. I have even asked her for advice myself.

Canton, Ohio

One Bird Love To Another Sanctuary

Michelle runs a small in home sanctuary for birds that are older, unadoptable, or need a forever placement where birds can live out the rest of there lives. Michelle is a great and has taken in many sad and emergency cases.  

Monroe, Michigan

M. C Birds and Exotics Rescue/Sanctuary

This rescue is also a great rescue. Crystal takes in Birds and Exotics from all over Michigan and surrounding. She is very educated with many different species of parrots and exotics. If she can not help you out she will find somebody who can. She is very experienced!


Exotic Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary of Indiana & surrounding States!

This rescue is another great one. Misty takes in Exotic Birds from all over Indiana and surrounding. She understands what it means to rehabilitate an abused or neglected bird, and she is currently working on 501c3 non profit status. Go Misty!