Happy Endings
Everybody loves a happy ending!!!!

Duncan (Patagonian Conure)

Duncan was and escapee who was found in Boston by an Avian Veterinarian. He was finally captured in a Duncan Donuts parking lot. (Where he aquired his name)

He was then given to a zoo keeper who had him for 8 years. Duncan was never a bird that was able to be handled. Due to the recent birth of her child she was unable to spend as much time as she previously had with him. She contacted many other rescues in the area to try to find him a home. They told her that Duncan was unattractive and nobody would want to adopt such a bird. After contacting us, as a final effort in re homing Duncan. She sent us all of his background information along with current health records and pictures of Duncan, we told her that he was beautiful and could not wait to meet him. She was so happy that we looked beyond his flaws and he now has his forever home in our sanctuary. It took Duncan 3 long months of learning to trust and feeling comfortable enough to be handled. As you can see in the picture above he will now let us pick him up and pet him. We are happy to report that Duncan is beginning to grow back new feathers every day. Duncan's previous owner is thrilled at the progress he has made. She now refers to us as "the bird whisperers". We send her pictures at every milestone. Duncan has inspired us to show people that even thought he may have flaws he is still worth the effort.



This is Jarred. Jarred came to us because his last owner passed away. Jarred was found in an animal lover's back yard who gladly took him in. He always said, "Hello Jared" to the man and that was assumed to be his name. He stayed with this nice man and they ran ads looking for his owner. His past owner was never found so he kept Jared. After his owner passed away he was too much for the rest of the family, so we were contacted to take him. He now is living his happy ending with a wonderful woman named Judy.
(Green Wing Macaw)

This sweet Blue Fronted Amazon's name is Thunder. He was given to us after his owner of almost 3 years realized he was too loud for her(due to his non-stop screaming). He had bonded to her boyfriend but not her and she decided to find him a new home. His previous owner was never able to handle him. When he came to us he never once screamed. He could talk and say all kinds of words, he would even tell you to,"Come here." Once you came close enough to touch he would retreat back into his cage. We worked with him for months and finally got him to let us pet him and pick him up. He is now living with a great family. The lady who adopted him works at the local pet store and is experienced with birds, as she handled the ones in the store. Thunder immediately took to her and now lets her touch and handle him! He finally got his happy ending!
(Blue Fronted Amazon)

This is Dino and Thunder as mentioned above. Dino came to us after being passed around from family to family. He is a Rose Breasted Cockatoo and is about 4 years old. His last owners did not have enough time for him and he came to us with the request that he stay in our sanctuary. He took to me and will not allow anybody else to handle him. In the picture above I was talking on the phone and as you can see I can pet him in any way. He is a very sweet bird and he will stay with me in our sanctuary. He will not have to worry about being passed around ever again!
(Rose Breasted Cockatoo)

PeaTree was one of the sweetest little parakeets that I have ever encountered. He is about 4 years old an he was adopted by a very sweet older couple that have two other parakeet, who are spoiled rotten (as shown above). His owner surrendered him because she didn't have time for him. He would whistle and talk and just wanted to cuddle. We are given updates from his new owners all the time. He is a great story that we love to pass on!

This beautiful girl is Petey who we think is a girl and we call her Penny. She came to us with the name of Petey and it just didn't fit. She is a prime example of why you need to do your research before you decide to get any animal especially birds. She was bought from a Pet Store because she was on sale. The woman who bought her thought she was just beautiful and now affordable so she got her with out doing any research. She got her home and every thing went great until she started getting loud. At evening when her husband came home, he wanted it quiet in the house, so Petey went upstairs to bed in her night cage. Birds scream for various reasons, but this was because she wanted attention. Even thought she went up stairs she continued to scream and her family came to the sad conclusion that she was just too loud for her human family. She came to us and she was VERY aggressive with other birds. She hated our other resident Sun Conure. After living in the neighboring cage to my Sun Conure, Crash, they became good friends and now spend all of their time with each other. We have a large cage for them to share in the day time but at night time they go into their separate cages, because we do not want any Crash and Penny babies. We just could not break their companionship so Penny and Crash will stay with us in the Sanctuary to live their long happy lives!
(Possibly Sunday, or Sun Conure/Jenday Conure hybrid)

Crash had actually been my pet before I started the rescue. I went to a breeder with my sister because she was getting a bird. When we got there, we went into the "baby room", where there was a little Sun Conure walking around on the floor. I thought he was cute as could be and he must have escaped his cage. The breeder told me that he had gotten out of every cage she put him in, so he just stays on the floor. She said he was not handle-able and she was never able to touch him. So, I walked over to him, he tried to run from me, then rolled over on his back like a dog. I scooped him up and he crawled up to my shoulder and hid in my hair. The breeder said that was very unusual of him. She told me that when she picked him up, he would struggle his way free and get back on the ground and hide from her, not to mention biting her and drawing blood. I decided right then and there that I could not leave with out him. She gave him to me at a reduced price because she didn't think he would be sell-able, since he was unfriendly. I brought him home and he stayed at the bottom of his cage for the first few weeks. Because he was living on the ground since he was a baby, he was unable to perch. I practiced and practiced with him until he was comfortable sitting on a perch. We made so much progress so quickly! He quickly got over his fear of people. He went from being an unhandle-able, fearful bird; to a Velcro, spoiled rotten baby. He is a sweet little boy and Penny is his best friend!
(Sun Conure)


This is Reba, she was one of our first rescues. She was rescued along with 6 other birds. She was surrendered with the other birds due to their owner having severe financial problems and had to reduce the size of her home. Reba is 12 years old and just so sweet! She was very timid when I got her, but she is now spoiled rotten and has really come out of her shell. She has a wonderful personally. She will let me do anything to her and she has never bitten me. She is so mellow. She stays with me in the sanctuary and is treated like a Queen! I got her a huge cage and it is open all the time, so this spoiled girl has my whole room to herself. I also got her a large play stand and made my room totally bird proof. She is one of my many "babies" and she will stay with me through out her long happy life!
(Female Eclectus)

This is Sam, his new family had him DNA sexed and it turns out that Sam is a Samantha. We got this beautiful girl when her owners could no longer keep her. She was very particular about who she liked. We were beginning to think that she was going to have to stay in the sanctuary because she simply didn't like any body who was interested in her. I am so happy she got a great home with a great family who loves her!
(Congo African Grey)

This sweety was one of our best happy endings! She came to us with a severely overgrown beak and no name. Her new owners named her Shasa. We were told that you could not handle her because she was so aggressive. She was a little under weight because her beak prevented her from eating. I had her beak trimmed and she was one happy camper!! She allowed me to hold her and do what ever I wanted to her, she was so sweet! She mimicked, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty." The first day she arrived at our rescue. She is so sweet and was adopted to a wonderful family!
(Quaker Parrot)

We had 80 Canaries surrendered to us at one time! A very nice woman's husband passed away who loved his Canaries. He also had 3 European Gold Finches. They were in a huge aviary where I had to catch them all. We took 30 of them into our rescue, and two other rescues helped take the rest of them. 17 of the Canaries and the 2 European Gold Finches were adopted by the same family who adopted Shasa. They are in beautiful flight cages and are very, very happy!!
(Canary and European Gold Finch)
Angel and Parakeets

These babies were all adopted to the same person. Angel, the Ringneck Dove, and all 5 of the parakeets. Their new home is great as their new owner does rescue work as well. They are another happy ending that I love
to share! 
(Parakeet and Ringneck Dove)


This pretty boy was adopted by a friend of ours who loves Cash. He gets very jealous around other birds and he just was not happy in our home, where he was not getting sole attention. Well, he sure is getting it now, that spoiled brat. He is a true Velcro bird!
 (Indian Ringneck Parakeet)
Peaches & Oliver

Oliver (right) was adopted by a wonderful family, looking for a feathered companion. Oliver came to us bonded to a very sweet female named Baby. He was very aggressive, trying to protect his mate, as he was a breeder before coming to us. I took his female away and adopted her separately hoping that would stop his aggression. He seemed to miss her, he called for her for about a week or more. I left his cage open and moved him to my room so he was not hearing any of the other birds' calls. He started to get on his cage and come over to me. He was very fearful in his cage but not aggressive anymore. I kept him for about 5 months rehabilitating him and finally he enjoyed being handled. He was finally ready for adoption. We got a Cockatiel named Peaches whom he seemed to fall in love with. Peaches was adopted out to a great family, and about 3 months later they called me and asked if I still had Oliver because they would like to adopt him as well. They now have a Quaker, and two Cockatiels. Oliver and Peaches are best friends and Oliver never relapsed back to his aggression. Oliver got a fairytale happy ending!

This rainbow boy was one of my favorite rescues. His owners were retired and thought it best if he found a new home. He made some of the sweetest little whistles I have ever heard! He loved to fly as he lived in an aviary. He was a friendly little bird, and boy was he fed well! He was adopted buy a family who wanted a bird that was good with kids with out a huge life expectancy. Willy was a perfect choice, he was an older bird and he loved
everybody. I am so happy for this sweety! 
(Golden-Mantled Rosella)
Sun Shine

Sun Shine was aggressive and very fearful when I got her. She took a lot of work but finally she was ready for adoption. I at first considered keeping her in our sanctuary but a friend of ours seemed to like her and she never bit him from day one. They are bonded to each other and she is very happy!
(Lutino Indian Ringneck)

This is Peanut, he is such a cute Lovebird. He was surrendered because his owner didn't have enough time for him. My best friend who is terrified of birds fell in love with him. They bonded instantly! He likes to hide in her hood as you can see in the picture above. He was kind of shy and cage aggressive but she has trained him to step right up when she opens the door.
(Dutch Blue Lovebird)


This is Baby, she was Oliver's previous mate. She came to us as a breeder, she was shy but never aggressive. She was adopted to an older couple who just loved her. They were the perfect owners for her. The woman came to me with several letters of reference from people she worked with telling us just how much she loved animals and how well she took care of her last bird until it died of natural causes. They just love her!!!

 This is Angel/Lemon-Head who was adopted by a friend of mine. A few weeks after they had her I received a panicked call around 11:30pm; Angel is acting weird, she has "stuff" around her beak, she is on the bottom of her cage and will not move. I rushed over to take a look at her. I always keep baby bird formula on hand as it is great to reverse dehydration. I wiped the "stuff" from her face, which was actually from her vomiting. I know that is not a good sign. I set up a hospital cage, which consisted of a 10 gal. fish tank, a latter, a heating pad, food and water, and towel, as well as a paper towel so I can keep track of her droppings. I feed her every few hours and spent all night taking care of her. She started sleeping a lot and acting lethargic, but I kept making her eat the formula. The next day she started getting a little more active, until her feces turned bloody. I thought for sure she was not going to make it, but I kept trying.  Her feces went from diarrhea, to red blood to black. I continued to make her eat formula, and she then started drinking on her own. I stayed another night to make her eat the formula so she stayed hydrated. She slowly but surely started getting better. I left with instructions on how to take care of her. I made them leave her in the hospital cage until she was completely better. She seemed completely OK after 4 days she was able to stay in her own cage. I think it was the water which may have zinc and other metals in it. So I am guessing it was metal poisoning. She is doing fabulous and now she only gets distilled water. I am so glad she is doing great and this is one of the happiest ending of all! (I would not advise other people to do this with out knowing what they are doing, if your bird is acting this way TAKE IT TO THE VET)



Henry is a 6 1/2 year old Quaker Parrot who was surrendered to us because he was too loud for his previous family. He was however, spoiled rotten. He is an extremely smart bird and could only go to the right person who would meet his needs. He had a wonderful game he would play with these colored balls. He would adjust them and color coat them on the bars of his cage(as you can see in the picture above). He stayed with us for a while until I found the perfect home for him. A wonderful woman came to meet him. For Michelle and Henry it was love at first sight! They got along better than I could have imagined. Henry came to us VERY cage aggressive and Michelle is now able to reach right into Henry's cage and pick him up. Henry spends the majority of the day out on Michelle's shoulder or on the play top of his cage. Michelle has a wonderful bird room that is much like an indoor aviary under construction. Henry is still spoiled rotten and is getting the love and attention he deserves and absolutely thrives on. Michelle was so inspired by Henry, she decided to start her own sanctuary so she can help birds as well.
(Quaker Parrot)