Expenses Of 1 Bird
These are the expenses that are going into one Cockatoo

This is Marie Antoinette an Umbrella Cockatoo, she was surrendered in to our rescue and had never seen a vet in her 6 years of life. After being fed a very unhealthy diet, and living in unsuitable conditions, I took her to the vet for a wellness exam.

Many unseen expenses occur with the birds in our rescue. First of all, she did not come with a cage appropriate for the size of bird that she is. She also needed to be transitioned to a new, healthier diet. 

I had the vet do an Avian Mini Screen where they draw blood and check the white blood cell count. They also did a Fecal, where they look for bacteria in the feces. They found a little yeast in her feces, which the veterinarian said could have been caused by anything. It is easily treated by adding a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to 1 quart of her drinking water. This will make her GI tract a little more acidic. They did a Gram Stain and a Nail Trim as well. Since, her nails were curled they were so long. I trimmed them down a little but I wanted the vet to handle that for obvious reasons. She also is in nearly perfect feather after all of her trauma.

The Expenses Of 1 Bird:

Veterinary Visit

Apple Cider Vinegar-$12.00


Avian Screen & WBC-$99.45


Gram Stain-$20.24

Nail Trim-$15.12

Total: $202.67


Brown's Tropical Carnival Gourmet Macaw Big Bites-$22.99


ZuPreem AvianMaintenance FruitBlend Flavor Diet for Large Parrots-$14.99


Roudybush Daily Maintenance Diet-$13.99


Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Safflower Blend Parrot Food-$17.99


I mix all of these parrot diets together for my large parrots.


Marie is currently living in a cage similar to the one below. I have been trying to get her comfortable in the larger cage but she is very fearful of it. Although the size is not ideal, she is out of her cage the majority of the day so she is not affected by the size.


Medium Cage Bought Used-$100.00

The much larger cage was donated by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.


Marie loves to chew!!! She has a beak of mass destruction and her favorite to chew is wood. These are just a couple of her favorites. She has a TON of toys.

Large Chunk Bird Toy-$9.99


Large Wooden Toy-$11.99


The total cost of one Cockatoo in our rescue is: $394.61

Keep in mind that the longer they stay with us the more food we must buy, not to mention the endless supply of toys that she needs. That vet bill was very small compared to a sick bird that requires treatment.

Please keep these expenses in mind before getting any bird or pet for that matter.