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**Donations are very helpful to get the birds all the medical attention they need not to mention the expense of toys, cages, food and many other expenses that come with owning a bird.


Things you can donate:            

1) Cages  (**Desperately needed new or used)                                           

2) Food- any kind of parrot, parakeet, or cockatiel  food                       

3) Perches of all sizes                                                                                         

4) Cat carriers-to transport birds to the vet                                               

5) Play stands of all sizes                                                                                   

6) All Toys                                                                                                                 

Pretty much anything pertaining to birds.

This site is a great site for bird toys!!! We recommend them to everybody and if you would like to purchase a toy and donate it to us, our birds would really appreciate it!!!

If you would like to make any kind of donation please contact



Jennifer's Phone: (330) 703-0767   


We would like to give a special thanks to Amy and her family who sent us a Christmas basket with lots of toys, food, perches, food cups and even presents for our dogs!  

   This is Davy and Dino enjoying their donated toys!!!

Thank You Amy!!!!!

I would like to give a special thank you to another person who wishes to remain anonymous for donating a large cage. You just don't know how big of a help you are!!!


We had another donation from somebody who would like to remain anonymous! A beautiful cage, and some other smaller cages were donated along with a bunch of other supplies, perches, food dishes and more!! Our parakeets really are enjoying their new cages!!