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Welcome to The Bird Nerds store! Where 100% of the funds helps to better the life of a rescue bird!!!


Encyclopedia Of Amazon Parrots

This book is a great source of information! I have two copies and I only need one. This book has shelf wear as you can see in the picture: $10.00

Parrots For Dummies

This book is also a great source of information and I have read this book cover to cover to it does have some wear but only on the cover. There may be a highlighted page or two in there, but it is readable: $8.00

Parrots In Captivity

This book is old but has good info. It is a hard cover and very minimal shelf wear: $10.00

Parrots Of The World

This is another book that is old but has good info about the different species of parrots, it is also hardcover and has minimal shelf wear: $10.00

Cages & Supplies:

No cages for sale at this time.


Other Stuff:

The fish tank will be $40.00 with all of the supplies included. It has a tone of decorations and all kinds of stuff. It used to have some gold fish in it but I put them in the pond. It does have some algea stains on it but will easily clean off with a magic eraser.


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Some of these items were bought by The Bird Nerds and some of them were donated by families who were cleaning out their attics, garages, etc. If we can not use the products we sell them and donate the money towards our bird's care.

100% of the profit goes to help care for, feed, and pay for bills for all of our birds.

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 Most or all of these supplies were used at one time so I would strongly advise not giving them to your bird before cleaning them.

If you are interested in any of the items listed please email me: