Adoption Fees
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People frequently ask us why we charge adoption fees, when we do not pay "anything" for the birds that people relinquish to us. People have said to us; "If you really loved the birds, you would just give them away to a good home”.or "If you got them for free you should not charge an adoption fee."

Although, it is correct that we do not pay for most of the birds taken into our rescue, many expenses do occur that are unseen. Since The Bird Nerds is a small, home based organization, we do not receive funds from larger organizations such as the ASPCA or a Humane Society, and we receive very little from the public. In addition, these organizations receive funding through the city and county for providing their services. We do not. We also do not receive any federal grant money. All of the funds to operate this program come primarily from adoption fees (donations) and out of our pocket.

We will take in dozens of birds each year. We not only take in birds that people relinquish to us but we also take in "found" birds that have landed in people's yards. Obviously, these birds have no cages of their own. If a relinquished bird has no cage (or a cage that is either inadequate or in appropriate for that size of bird, even rusted) or we take in a found bird, we must supply a cage. Roomy, sturdy cages for parrots are very expensive and we must keep a constant supply of them available. Sometimes people who no longer have a bird for one reason or another will donate their old cage, but very often we must buy one.  Then they must have perches–different sizes and materials and toys–lots of toys!

Now let's talk about food. All of the birds at The Bird Nerds Rescue/Sanctuary receive an excellent diet consisting of natural and fruity pellets, a high quality seed & nut mix, and lots of fresh vegetables & fruits. Because we never know how many birds we will be housing at one time or for how long, we cannot predict how much food will cost week to week.

The biggest expense in this program is that of avian veterinarian care. Sadly, the majority of the birds relinquished have rarely seen the inside of a vet's office.  We do have the cost of all laboratory work, x-rays, medicine, and supplies (heat lamps, gram scales, etc.). This can run anywhere from $70.00 for an office visit up to thousands of dollars for an injured or sick bird.   Then there can be surgery and medication, these are expenses that we pay.  Rescued (found) birds are usually in sad shape. Birds of prey, dogs, cats or other predators may have attacked them, and/or they are suffering from exposure and malnutrition. They require extensive medical treatment just to survive. We have been asked, why not just pass these vet
costs on to the adopting parent? In some cases we do, but let me ask you - if we told you that to adopt a rescued Cockatoo, that had required surgery, ongoing vet care and medication, that it would require a $3500.00 donation, what would you say? No way, would be the typical answer.  But that could be the amount we have invested in the bird, who will be adopted by a great family for a $400.00 adoption fee.  If we have a $3100.00 loss on every bird, how could we afford to continue helping other birds?  So if we have adoption fees for birds that only have the basic vet care and food and a cage, that goes back into The Bird Nerds Rescue/Sanctuary to help the next injured bird.  See our page "Expenses Of 1 Bird."

Along with all of the necessary physical supplies that a rescue bird requires, there are also emotional needs that we must deal with. Birds are not domesticated animals like a dogs. They are wild creatures that, in order to stay tame and bonded need constant human interaction. They take time to adjust to a new environment and new people. Some adjust quickly depending on their early socialization while others can take longer. With neglected or abused birds it takes even more time for one to gain the bird's trust. This adds to the expense of their up-keep. Sadly, these birds' stay with us is usually much longer because most people do not want to adopt special needs birds with "a problem" or with "issues". Some birds come to us that no amount of rehabilitation will ever make a "good pet" and they are ineligible for adoption. Because of this, they stay here permanently in our sanctuary.

When you adopt a bird from us, you are not just adopting that particular bird, but helping to provide for every bird that has come through our doors. You will be adopting a companion who will provide you with many years of happiness. Some birds do cost very little in care, but there are the others who do not.

All in all, your adoption fee provides for numerous services provided to the parrot loving community and its feathered friends. We consider these adoption fees to be money well spent.