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The Bird Nerds Rescue and Sanctuary is dedicated to the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Adoption of domestic parrots. Positive reinforcement, as well as enrichment items are used to curve and correct behavioral problems and turn unsocialized parrots into adoptable companion parrots. We will find birds loving homes, and find them any medical attention they need. If you are having a baby, moving, or just can't take the screaming, The Bird Nerds Rescue is available to you. We also provide a bird sanctuary for birds not eligible for adoption.
If you need to place a bird with us, just email us, we check our emails every day!
Unfortunately we are unable to take in sick and/or injured wildlife of any kind. You must have license from the State of Ohio to take in and rehabilitate wildlife. We are only able to take in Domestic Birds. If you do find any wildlife that needs help you can contact local Vet Offices as some of them will take in and rehabilitate wildlife.
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